The Autism Partnership Board is made up of officers from the council, officers from Job Centre Plus and health professionals working with local autism support groups. The partnership board has the task of ensuring that local strategy is implemented and makes a difference to people's lives.

Kirklees' autism strategy

In June 2011, Kirklees Council published its first Adult Autism Strategy. The strategy examines existing support in Kirklees and explains how the council aims to make a difference to local adults with autism.

Kirklees' autism improvement plan

Our draft improvement plan describes the 9 areas outlined in the national autism strategy and statutory guidance with comments and actions about how Kirklees are putting these into practice.

  1. Training
  2. Diagnosis and the care pathway
  3. Transition
  4. Planning and leadership
  5. Ensuring preventative support and safeguarding
  6. Reasonable adjustments and equality
  7. People with complex needs or whose behaviour may challenge
  8. Employment
  9. Criminal justice

How to make a referral

Make a referral to South West Yorkshire Partnership, NHS Foundation Trust - Service for adults with autism

Referrals are accepted from consultants, GP's, Other Trust services

Make a referral

Autism friendly environments

Guidance on changes that can be made to a space, be it one room or a whole building, that will benefit children and adults with autism or Asperger syndrome.

Checklist for autism friendly environments

Fill in our simple online form to identify some of the ways that environments can be changed to be friendlier.

The checklist is divided into two parts. All services need to complete Part A whilst Part B is for more specialist providers.

ClockCompleting this form takes around 10 minutes

Check online

After you've completed

The results of this checklist will be emailed to the Service for Adults with Autism/ADHD team at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The results will be analysed and you will receive some feedback. Please note this is only available to organisations based in Kirklees.

Other ways to complete the checklist

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Contact the Autism Partnership Board

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