Sensory Services enables adults (over 18 years) with a hearing loss or a visual impairment to maintain their independence, subject to an assessment of need.

Support with sight loss

  • Support with the registration process
  • Registering of partially sighted and blind status with Kirklees adult social care
  • Issue of proof of registration identity cards
  • Access to rehabilitation, provided by SKIES rehabilitation officers to help with adjusting to, or learning, new ways of managing daily living activities and white cane mobility training
  • Accessing the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

Find Support groups for blind and visually impaired

Get Blindness and vision loss advice - NHS Choices

Deaf and hearing loss support

  • Fully qualified BSL Kirklees Interpreting Service
  • Deaf advice and qualified BSL communication support workers for one to one support
  • Lip speaker service - a hearing person who is professionally trained to be easy to lip read
  • Speech to text reporter service - reproduce speech into text on a computer or projector screen
  • Provide the "I am Deaf" communication card

Hearing aid assessments

A referral for a hearing aid assessment can be made by your local GP.

BSL interpreter service

Can be booked for:

  • Job Centre
  • Medical appointments (G.P, dentist, opticians)
  • Legal meetings (police, court, solicitors)
  • Education — e.g. parents evenings
  • Social work or social care appointments
  • Welfare benefits services
  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Organisations are responsible to book Interpreters due to Equality Act (2010). You ask the organisation (like G.P. or Job Centre) to contact Kirklees Sensory Interpreting Service

Find support groups for deaf or hard of hearing

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Other ways to request an assessment

You can request an assessment over the phone

  • Phone 01484 414933 (24 hours a day 7 days a week)