Current Living in Kirklees (CLiK) 2012 Survey

What we're doing

Collect robust data on the health and wellbeing of the adult population in Kirklees. This information is necessary to ensure that appropriate public health and health and social care services are commissioned and provided and targeted where they are most needed. The results will provide a rich source of intelligence for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and other key strategic documents.

When we're doing it?

Between 19-Mar-2012 and 18-May-2012

We will be

  • Asking for information


  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle

Where's it happening?

Across the whole of Kirklees:

More information on what we're doing

A random sample of households across Kirklees will receive a postal questionnaire. One adult (aged 18+) may complete the questionnaire. An on-line completion option will also be available to everyone who receives a questionnaire.
Only selected groups

What happened?

Thank you to everyone who responded to the CLiK 2012 survey. Over 12,500 completed surveys were received from adults across Kirklees – an overall response rate of 23%. The results provide NHS Kirklees and Kirklees Council with a huge amount of information about the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the local adult population. This will help us to commission and provide appropriate support and services where they are needed most.
Key findings include:
- Two in three adults (65%) rate their health positively, a smaller proportion than the national average.
- Overall, mental wellbeing appears to be lower than the national average.
- Almost half of adults (49%) say they have at least one long-term health problem and three in ten (30%) say they have a health condition that limits their day-to-day activities.
- The majority (78%) of adults drink alcohol and 69% of drinkers are potentially drinking at increasing or higher risk levels. 82% of drinkers are not concerned about the amount they drink.
- One in five residents (19%) is a current smoker and the majority of these (78%) intends to stop.
- One in ten adults (11%) needs help or support to live in their current home.
- One in five (19%) of adults is a carer (provides care and support to someone else because of their health problems or old age). One in five carers assists more than one person.

More information about how the CLiK 2012 survey results are being used to improve local health and social care will be added soon.

What difference did the work make?

The findings from CLiK 2012 are currently being used to update the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) which will be available via the Kirklees website from May 2013.

The CLiK 2012 results are helping the public health work programmes to identify which health and wellbeing issues and which population groups need to be prioritised over the next few years.

Together with results from the Your Place Your Say 2011 survey, the CLiK 2012 results have provided several important baseline indicators with which we can measure progress towards our Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS) outcomes.

Further updates/ links to follow.

Methods of involvement

MethodHowHow many peopleStartEnd
Paper copypostal survey5500019-03-201218-05-2012

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