Raise awareness about the dangers of high/low blood pressure on your health and provide advice on how to improve this through a healthier lifestyle.

Held free blood pressure testing stations across Huddersfield and Dewsbury for 800 people. This showed an overall 26% of those tested had high blood pressure with limited knowledge or understanding of the health implications. People said they appreciated the lifestyle advice provided in the leaflets and the majority said they would follow it.

Make your area a better place by implementing projects to support the community via a public voting awards scheme. The winning suggestions can receive funding for their projects to support their area to better.

Held a voting event where 5 out of 6 applications for people to vote on received funding, with a wide range of projects to make your area a better place, such as a Cook and Eat group to promote healthier lifestyles to a weather station for Carlinghow School.

That we need to build relationships, trust and enter in dialogue with people to develop with them further sustainable health and wellbeing interventions. Engage the community through developing a healthy lifestyle through physical activities.

We held fitness sessions in the community, working in partnership with local community groups to engage members, giving them the tools to feel more confident in improving their health and wellbeing. Members commented “I feel a lot better about myself”,“I have started appreciating the track round the sports field and using it more.”

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Activity between March 2018 and August 2018
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Kirklees Council employee survey - Spring 2018

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Our framework for involving communities

We believe involving communities is fundamental for shaping effective services and supporting positive outcomes. The aim of this framework is to set out our common partnership approach to involving communities in Kirklees.


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