You gave us useful insight about what is and isn't useful about using My Health Tools. Users valued the access to self -management resources, reflecting on health, goal setting and monitoring and prompting change.

This has provided valuable insight into the use of technology to help people manage long term conditions, and the useful and not useful features of the online platform. This information is being used to further develop the tool, help promote its use and inform future evaluation.

The proposed increase in funeral costs were too high and that some people struggled to afford funeral costs now. The majority opposed the proposed increases in fees for various reasons.

Having considered the feedback from the engagement process, the Cabinet moved away from the full cost recovery proposal and asked officers to revise the proposals so that the Cabinet could carefully consider the charges for next year with a view to agreeing a longer term strategy.

The savings resulting from the proposals to restricting the Access fund would be outweighed by the negative impact on children and families. It would make it harder for parents and carers to go to work, which could affect their mental health and have a knock on effect on the whole family. You said this would badly affect those who are already vulnerable

Given the overwhelming objection to the proposed changes and the potential impact on families who are already vulnerable, the decision was made to not restrict the Access Fund. Instead, we will explore ways of building the level of SEND provision in a number of early year’s settings across the district, by providing specialist outreach support and monitoring. This will give us a range of settings which are already equipped to support children with SEND, which will help the funding to go further.

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Our framework for involving communities

We believe involving communities is fundamental for shaping effective services and supporting positive outcomes. The aim of this framework is to set out our common partnership approach to involving communities in Kirklees.