Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Ann Denham 2,058 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat John Smithson 1,958 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Linda Wilkinson 1,787 Elected
CON Conservative Alison Rogers 1,257
CON Conservative Diana Hall 1,109
CON Conservative William Armer 1,049
LAB Labour Timothy Holden-Rowley 976
GRN Green Brian Strudwick 973
LAB Labour Melvyn Holdsworth 900
BNP British National Party Susan Auty 883
LAB Labour David Harvey 796
GRN Green Nicholas Ayres 688
IND Independent Ian Brooke 672
GRN Green Barry Ward 614
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Ken Smith 2,076 Elected
LAB Labour Deryck Hillas 2,065 Elected
LAB Labour Jean Calvert 2,050 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Richard Pinnock 1,698
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Sandra Gordon-Overton 1,506
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Emma Bone 1,379
CON Conservative Trevor Bellamy 1,178
CON Conservative John Taylor 1,130
CON Conservative William Jacobs 1,111
GRN Green Edward Adams 560
GRN Green Melanie Bawn 328
GRN Green David Arundell 314
Total votes:
Batley East
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Mohamed Mayet 3,024 Elected
LAB Labour Mary Harkin 2,697 Elected
LAB Labour Mahmood Akhtar 2,370 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Jon Bloom 2,008
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Haroon Bhamji 1,750
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Shujjat Ali 1,564
CON Conservative Phillip Stocks 1,053
BNP British National Party Jillian Exley 958
CON Conservative Mohammed Akram 758
CON Conservative Wasim Younas 639
GRN Green Janice Cronin 553
Total votes:
Batley West
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Shabir Pandor 2,070 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Paul Battye 2,063 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Geoffrey Alvy 1,773 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat David Lowe 1,772 Elected
LAB Labour Gwenneth Grailey 1,748
LAB Labour Michael Williams 1,503
BNP British National Party Jonathan Pygott 1,408
CON Conservative Marlene Edwards 929
CON Conservative Sharon Light 837
CON Conservative Kevin O'Donnell 802
GRN Green Gillian Redshaw 416
Total votes:
Birstall and Birkenshaw
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Andrew Palfreeman 2,444 Elected
CON Conservative Robert Light 2,434 Elected
CON Conservative Elizabeth Smaje 2,136 Elected
BNP British National Party John Wilkinson 1,383
LAB Labour Mark Martin 1,343
LAB Labour Natalie Pinnock-Hamilton 1,026
LAB Labour Raja Russell Khan Commonly known as Russell Khan 976
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Jean Tasker 668
GRN Green Clive Lord 634
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Christine Bloom 557
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Eric Townend 405
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Kath Pinnock 2,362 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Andrew Pinnock 2,030 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Ann Raistrick 2,014 Elected
BNP British National Party Richard Brown 1,752
CON Conservative David Walker 1,310
CON Conservative Joseph Calder 1,026
LAB Labour Michael Ramsden 1,021
LAB Labour John Dick 989
CON Conservative Malcolm Smith 918
LAB Labour Naheed Arshad-Mather 670
GRN Green Natalie Holdsworth 462
Total votes:
Colne Valley
  Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Gordon Beever 2,381 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Margaret Fearnley 2,241 Elected
CON Conservative Dorothy Lindley 2,114 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat David Ridgway 2,053
CON Conservative Karen Tweed 1,120
BNP British National Party Alan Clark 1,075
CON Conservative Annabel Herriott 1,013
LAB Labour Neil Colquhoun 814
LAB Labour Helen Singleton 763
LAB Labour John Olswang 721
GRN Green Anne Lacey 693
GRN Green Sandra Leyland 678
UKIP UK Independent Party Peter Reeve 561
GRN Green Clare Porter 406
Total votes:
Crosland Moor and Netherton
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Molly Walton 2,842 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Mohammad Sarwar 2,463 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Shahida Awan 2,378 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Ian Rutter 2,170
LAB Labour Mohammad Iqbal 1,624
LAB Labour Susan May 1,491
CON Conservative Peter Simpson 1,158
CON Conservative Bronwen Robinson 1,124
CON Conservative John Travis 1,095
GRN Green David Hill 804
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Peter McBride 1,581 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Roger Battye 1,544 Elected
LAB Labour Angela Ellam 1,356 Elected
LAB Labour James Shires 1,342
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Eleanor Ritchie 1,267
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Alistair Cheetham 1,081
CON Conservative Roger Jessop 845
BNP British National Party Andrew Watson 751
CON Conservative Paul King 630
LIB Liberal Elaine Sims 578
CON Conservative Greg Christofi 567
GRN Green David Honour 499
GRN Green Tony Brooks 440
GRN Green Betty Cunnington 359
IND Independent Colin Walder 285
Total votes:
Denby Dale
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Mary Magdalen Blanshard Commonly known as Maggie Blanshard 2,196 Elected
CON Conservative Elaine Ward 2,092 Elected
CON Conservative William Dodds 2,069 Elected
LAB Labour Robert Allen 1,907
LAB Labour Graham Turner 1,871
CON Conservative Patricia Hargreaves 1,758
BNP British National Party Nicola King 914
GRN Green Andrew Stimson 804
GRN Green Deborah Turnbull 773
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Peter Clark 701
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Jeanette McCready 606
GRN Green Stephen Turnbull 586
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Patricia Milner 578
Total votes:
Dewsbury East
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Paul Kane 1,930 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Dennis Hullock 1,922 Elected
LAB Labour Eric Firth 1,796 Elected
BNP British National Party Colin Auty 1,665
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Gary Denison 1,585
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Nisar Choudhary 1,414
LAB Labour Irene Ellis 1,409
CON Conservative John Nottingham 721
CON Conservative Robert Haycroft 713
CON Conservative Brian Whittaker 651
GRN Green Kevin Birley 393
Total votes:
Dewsbury South
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Khizar Iqbal 2,832 Elected
CON Conservative Imtiaz Ameen 2,677 Elected
CON Conservative Imtiaz Ameen 2,000 Elected
LAB Labour Masood Ahmed 1,783
BNP British National Party Nicholas Cass 1,652
LAB Labour Richard Alan Gibson Commonly known as Alan Gibson 1,633
LAB Labour Gulfam Asif 1,454
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Adrian Cruden 706
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Bernard Disken 605
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Stephen Bird 586
GRN Green Gillian Jolly 440
Total votes:
Dewsbury West
  Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Karam Hussain 2,764 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Naz Hussain 2,492 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Keith Oldroyd 2,475 Elected
LAB Labour Mohammed Razaq 1,737
LAB Labour Sakandar Ahmed 1,717
LAB Labour Paul Ellis 1,652
BNP British National Party Frank Atack 1,116
CON Conservative Keith Sibbald 586
CON Conservative James Taylor 445
CON Conservative William Mair 408
GRN Green Peter Cunnington 390
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Christine Iredale 1,920 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Robert Iredale 1,911 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Andrew Marchington 1,854 Elected
LAB Labour Mark Ewington 1,217
CON Conservative Jacqueline Walker known as Jackie Firth 1,097
LAB Labour Ian Leedham 1,066
GRN Green Lesley Hedges 1,018
CON Conservative Robert McSweeney 1,000
LAB Labour Patricia Colling 971
CON Conservative Judith Roberts 911
GRN Green Richard Murgatroyd 748
GRN Green Steven Searby 652
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LAB Labour Mehboob Khan 3,343 Elected
LAB Labour Annie Smith 3,439 Elected
LAB Labour Mohan Sokhal 3,263 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Linda Wild 1,751
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Mohammed Saeed 1,750
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Jim O'Reilly 1,489
GRN Green Paul Cooney 771
CON Conservative Joan Osborn 744
CON Conservative Martin Rodgers 726
CON Conservative Carole Rogers 697
GRN Green Joan Smithson 559
GRN Green John Phillips 538
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
BNP British National Party David Exley 2,076 Elected
LAB Labour David Sheard 1,718 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Tabasum Aslam 1,688 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Colin Battye 1,496
LAB Labour Florence Smith 1,436
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Julie Brooke 1,317
CON Conservative Richard Howarth 1,276
CON Conservative Zahoor Akhtar 1,079
LAB Labour Peter Sykes 1,043
CON Conservative Roger Roberts 988
GRN Green Heidi Smithson 589
Total votes:
Holme Valley North
  Party Candidate name Votes
IND Independent Terence Lyons Commonly known as Terry Lyons 2,603 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Marie Bower 2,026 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Mike Bower 1,903 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat David Woodhead 1,653
CON Conservative Neil Craven 1,650
CON Conservative Richard Dixon 1,503
CON Conservative Margaret Christian Commonly known as Margaret Marsden 1,334
LAB Labour Carol Hirst 799
LAB Labour Mike Walker 786
LAB Labour Bill Tankard 784
GRN Green Roger Cummings 719
GRN Green Elizabeth Rainer 568
GRN Green Clementina Herrero-Eaton 498
MON The Official Monster Raving Loony Melodie Staniforth known as Boney Maroney 307
Total votes:
Holme Valley South
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Donald Firth 3,252 Elected
CON Conservative Ken Sims 3,090 Elected
CON Conservative Nigel Patrick 2,810 Elected
LAB Labour Catherine Ingham 1,431
LAB Labour Louise Baldock 1,389
LAB Labour Christopher Chapple 1,327
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Ruth Jackson 1,269
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Gavin Macpherson 1,111
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Arthur Pritchard 1,057
GRN Green Leslie Bailey 902
GRN Green Siobhan Smith 815
GRN Green Iain Smith 760
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Adrian Murphy 2,116 Elected
CON Conservative Mark Hemingway 2,065 Elected
CON Conservative Christine Smith 2,005 Elected
GRN Green Derek Hardcastle 2,000
GRN Green Cheryll Battye 1,704
GRN Green Richard Burton 1,583
LAB Labour Claire Rogers 915
LAB Labour Michael Greetham 888
BNP British National Party Russell Scott 836
LAB Labour Julie Bellanfante 780
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Gerald Edinburgh 645
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Briony Garnett 321
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Rochelle Parchment 288
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Christine Stanfield 2,377 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Tony Woodhead 2,301 Elected
CON Conservative Tony Brice 1,849 Elected
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat David Payne 1,758
CON Conservative Royston Rogers 1,640
CON Conservative Ravi Showan 1,510
LAB Labour Maxwell McMurdo 1,075
LAB Labour Douglas Morgan 1,001
LAB Labour Donald Cameron 988
UKIP UK Independent Party Helen Martinek 890
GRN Green Claire Plunkett 655
GRN Green Richard Plunkett 576
GRN Green Eric Biddulph 536
Total votes:
Liversedge and Gomersal
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Margaret Bates 2,245 Elected
CON Conservative Derrick Yates 2,122 Elected
CON Conservative David Hall 2,075 Elected
LAB Labour Gordon North 1,749
BNP British National Party Robert Ryan 1,478
LAB Labour Ann Foxton 1,463
LAB Labour Stephen Hall 1,412
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Neil Bentley 764
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Kia Etherington 734
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Kathryn Sykes 453
GRN Green Robert Walters 432
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
CON Conservative Martyn Bolt 3,661 Elected
CON Conservative Kathleen Taylor 3,166 Elected
CON Conservative Beverley Warby 2,947 Elected
BNP British National Party Karl Hanson 2,016
LAB Labour Michael Hutchinson 1,663
LAB Labour Roy Dobson 1,519
LAB Labour Barbara Jones 1,141
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Brian Firth 688
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Maureen Oldroyd 657
GRN Green Ian McCourtie 626
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat John Warnes 493
Total votes:
  Party Candidate name Votes
GRN Green Andrew Cooper 2,006 Elected
GRN Green Julie Stewart-Turner 1,965 Elected
GRN Green Sharon Fallows 1,882 Elected
LAB Labour Jamil Akhtar 1,062
LAB Labour Garth Pratt 950
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Kuldip Brar 868
LAB Labour Elsie Wheatley 829
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat Anne Thornton 772
BNP British National Party Allan Milton 709
LIBDEM Liberal Democrat David Crossley 673
CON Conservative Neil Drake 548
CON Conservative Stephen Halstead 460
CON Conservative Anne Henderson 420
SAT Socialist Alternative Jean Goodison 245
SAT Socialist Alternative Dylan Murphy 101
SAT Socialist Alternative Michael Forster 100
Total votes: