Information about parking for motorcycles, quad bikes, motorhomes and high sided vehicles.

Motorcycle parking

Secure motorbike parking is provided at the following locations:

  • Second floor of the Market Hall multi storey car park
  • Civic Centre car park in Huddersfield
  • Towngate car park in Holmfirth

Motor cycles can park in on-street pay and display parking places free of charge and without time limit. However, the council would ask that all motor cycles are parked nose to kerb (herring bone fashion) where possible, to maximise the use of the parking place. Section 136 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 defines a motor cycle as follows:

  • In this Act (except for the purposes of [F1 sections 57 and 63]) "motor cycle" means a mechanically propelled vehicle (not being an invalid carriage) with fewer than 4 wheels, of which the weight un-laden does not exceed 410 kilograms.

If you park a motor cycle in a full car park space you need to purchase a ticket and this should be kept with you.

  • Quad bikes must park within a bay in a car park and on-street, all time restrictions must be adhered to.
  • A pay and display ticket must be purchased and kept on your person in case you are asked to provide it to the council.

Motorhome parking

The majority of car parks in Huddersfield have a height barrier at the entrance. In other centres throughout Kirklees, height barriers are not as frequent.

Whilst camping is not allowed in any car park, we do appreciate motorhomes and high sided vehicles are used when visiting Huddersfield.

Car parks where access is available for vehicles over 2.1 meters in height:

  • Albion Street Roof - 38 spaces
  • Brook Street - 30 spaces, maximum stay 3 hours
  • Civic Centre - A small number of spaces by the entrance, maximum stay 4 hours
  • Oldgate - 10 spaces, maximum stay 2 hours
  • Railway Station - 14 spaces, maximum stay 1 hour
  • Sports Centre - 70 spaces, maximum stay 4 hours

Weight restrictions still apply. You must always ensure you park entirely within a single bay, otherwise you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.