There have been five small changes to the boundary of the Peak District National Park and some corrections to text contained within the UDP written statement.

Changes to the Unitary Development Plan maps

Regionally important geological sites
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Location UDP map number(s) the change relates to
Park Clough Marsden 9
New conservation areas
Location UDP map number(s) the change relates to
Milnsbridge 6 . 7
Linthwaite 6 . 7 . 10
Cross Bank Batley 2 . 3
Amended conservation areas
Location UDP map number(s) the change relates to
Batley Market Place (enlarged) 2 . 3
Batley Station Road (enlarged) 2 . 3
Upper Batley (enlarged) 2 . 3
Golcar (enlarged) 6 . 7
Birstall 2 . 3
East Bierley 1
Upper Cumberworth 14 . 15
Upper Denby 14 . 15
High Flatts 14 . 15
Marsden 9
Wilshaw 10 . 11 . 13
Wellhouse 5 . 6
Helme 10
Oldfield 11
Holme 13
Upperthong 10 . 13
Edgerton 6
Special areas for conservation
Location UDP map number(s) the change relates to
Special Area for Conservation sites 9
Peak District National Park boundary
Local nature reserve locations

Summary of changes

Conservation areas

New conservation areas have been designated at Linthwaite, Milnsbridge and Cross Bank Batley.

Existing conservation areas at Golcar, Market Place Batley, Station Road Batley, Upper Batley, Birstall, East Bierley, Upper Cumberworth, Upper Denby, High Flatts, Marsden, Wilshaw, Wellhouse, Helme, Oldfield, Holme, Upperthong, Edgerton and Dewsbury have had their boundaries amended.

UDP policies relating to conservation areas apply.

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Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

An additional Site of Special Scientific Interest has been designated at Park Clough Marsden. UDP policies relating to SSSIs apply.

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Sites of Scientific Interest (SSIs)

Within the area of Kirklees covered by the Unitary Development Plan, thirteen new Sites of Scientific Interest have been designated, all of which are Regionally Important Geological Sites except for Lane Side Quarry, Kirkheaton and Merrydale Clough, Slaithwaite. These sites are:

  • Caulms Wood, Crackenedge, Dewsbury
  • Hartley Bank Quarry, Thunder Bridge
  • Beaumont Park, Huddersfield
  • Castle Hill
  • Brockholes and Round Wood, Brockholes
  • March Haigh and Buckstones
  • Longwood Edge Quarry
  • Scar Hole Quarry, Hepworth
  • School Quarry, Bolster Moor
  • Pule Hill Quarry, Marsden
  • Old Lindley Moor (part is in Calderdale)
  • Lane Side Quarry
  • Merrydale Clough, Slaithwaite
  • Butterley Cutting, Marsden (most is within the Peak District National Park)

UDP policies relating to SSIs apply.

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Special Area for Conservation

The Special Protection Area (UDP policy NE2a) has also been designated as a Special Area for Conservation. This designation provides increased protection for a variety of wild animals, plants and habitats through the European Habitats Directive.

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Local nature reserves

Six new local nature reserves have been designated, bringing the total within Kirklees to nine. These are at:

  • Gledholt Woods, Huddersfield
  • Sparrow Wood, Thornhill Lees
  • Dalton Bank, Huddersfield
  • Tong Moor, East Bierley
  • Oakwell Country Park
  • Sunny Bank Ponds, Mirfield
  • Lower Spen Wildlife Park, Ravensthorpe
  • Upper Park Wood, Honley
  • Former sewage works, Dogley

Paragraph 3.8 of the Unitary Development Plan applies.

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Changes to the Peak District National Park boundary

There have been five minor changes to the boundary of the Peak District National Park. These have been notified to Kirklees Council by the Peak Park Authority in order to correct inaccuracies in the boundary plotted on the UDP. In four of the five cases, a small area of land that was previously shown to be within the national park, has been removed from it. The designation of the land is deemed to be the same as that for contiguous land within the Kirklees UDP. The areas affected are:

Land now within the Kirklees UDP

  • Binn Edge, south of Marsden
  • Deer Hill Plantation, west of Meltham
  • Mount Road, south of Marsden
  • Shooter's Nab, west of Meltham

Land now outside the Kirklees UDP

  • Land between Calmlands Road and Hebble Lane, Meltham
Corrections to UDP plans
Plan Area Site Previous designation Corrected designation
14 Shepley Holme House Grassland SWS SII
15 Denby Dale, Skelmanthorpe, Clayton West Denby Delf SWS SII
Corrections to UDP written statement
Policy Previous address text Corrected address text
H6 Meltham Mill Moor Road (North)1 Mill Moor Road (North)2