Get help and advice from Kirklees Housing Solutions Service if you're homeless or about to lose your home.

Help and advice available

The Housing Solutions Service will work with anyone who is either homeless or threatened with homelessness to try and enable them to stay in their homes or to help them find alternative accommodation. This may include:

  • homelessness
  • rent arrears
  • domestic violence
  • landlord/tenant disputes
  • loss of employment
  • anti-social behaviour/harassment welfare benefits

If you are homeless

  • giving you your local housing options;
  • giving advice and helping you with your difficulties in finding somewhere else to live;
  • No second night out service

If you are at risk of becoming homeless or losing your home

  • negotiating or mediating with whoever you rent from or live with so that you can remain in your current home or stay there until you can find somewhere else to live;
  • telling you your rights as a lodger or tenant;
  • telling you the rights of your landlord;
  • giving advice and helping you with your difficulties in finding somewhere else to live;
  • assisting you in applying for properties through Choose and Move link or with other housing associations;
  • referring you for debt advice if you need it;
  • assisting you with rent and mortgage problems;
  • referring you for supported housing;
  • helping you if you are experiencing domestic violence and may refer you to a specialist service.

Rough sleeping

We support rough sleepers in the area and are working with Street Link to do this. If you are sleeping rough or come across someone who is sleeping rough, visit Street Link to report this or seek help.

Contact us

You can call into one of our customer services centers, telephone or use this online form.

  • Tell us about your housing circumstances.

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After you've contacted us

We will contact you with an appointment for housing advice and an assessment of your needs: