The Sustainability Fund is for local organisations that are at risk due to a gap between income and expenditure. It is intended to provide short term support to allow you to find new sources of income or reduce your costs.

Check that you meet the requirements

Groups can apply if they meet the following criteria

  • Are based in Kirklees and run by local people
  • Are unable to pay essential costs such as rent or insurance
  • Priority will be given to groups with an income below £25,000

You must show how you meet one or more of these Kirklees outcomes

  • Children have the best start in life
  • People in Kirklees area are as well as possible for as long as possible
  • People in Kirklees live independently and have control over their lives

You will also need to supply the following information

  • Your current financial situation
  • How you are using any reserves (or balances you hold)
  • Your plans to make your group more sustainable in future

Complete the form

The maximum you can apply for is £2500. The closing date is 19th December 2017

Complete the application form and email to please include your most recent annual accounts and a recent bank statement.

Applications will be considered by a panel of the Community Investment Manager and Early Intervention and Partnership Managers. You will be notified whether or not your application has been successful in February 2018 if successful you will be offered support to produce a development plan to help you become more sustainable by identifying alternative income sources and/or adapting the way you operate.

Kirklees Council sustainability fund application

Clock Completing this form will take 15 - 60 minutes

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