The owner is the lease or deed holder of a grave or cremated remains plot.

If the original grave owner has died and left a will, transfer can take place according to their wishes with a copy of the will.

If no will was left, you need to complete a declaration.

If the original grave owner is still alive you need to complete an assignment form.


There is no fee to pay the council.

There may be a fee to the solicitor for a declaration.

How to transfer ownership of a grave

Contact us for advice

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes.

Paperclip You must have:

  • the cemetery
  • grave section and number
  • name of current owner

You may also need the deed of ownership.

Contact us

After you’ve requested the transfer

We amend the registers and send you a letter stating that you are the new owner.

We will also amend the original deed and return it if applicable.