We advise you to contact a funeral director as they are familiar with the process, will be able to assist and provide the relevant forms.

What you need to do

Contact Bereavement Services first to book a time and date for the burial or to give us the cremated remains.

Send us the form at least 2 working days before the burial date (4 working days for burial in a vaulted grave requiring construction).

You can hand deliver your form to the Cemeteries Office between 9.00 am and 4.45 pm.

Fees and charges

Bereavement Services fees and charges

How to tell us

Download the form and send to us

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes.

Paperclip We also need either a request to Buy a grave or garden of rest plot, or the deed or declaration of ownership

For a burial we also need a disposal certificate or coroner's order for burial.

For a cremation we also need a cremation certificate.

Download form

After you’ve told us

If your request is for interment of cremated remains you must meet with the registrar to give them the remains in a biodegradable container with a name plate or sticker stating the deceased name and age.

If your request is for a burial the registrar will meet you and the funeral director by the grave side.

A deed will be sent out to you if you have purchased a new plot.

You can pay by cheque or over the phone by credit or debit card.