Like all councils, Kirklees is facing significant financial challenges and is looking at services where the cost of delivery is higher than the amount we charge. The burial services currently operate at a loss and we need to ensure the costs are covered. Our current proposals take us to a full cost recovery model in five years, including any equipment and future maintenance costs. Cremation services are not currently subsidised by general funds.

Thank you for taking part

I would like to thank all those people who have taken part in the engagement exercise regarding charges for burial and cremation services which closed on the 8th December. In keeping with the Cabinet decision on 19th September, the proposals contained in that report have not been approved. Having considered some of the early feedback from the engagement process, the Cabinet has moved away from the full cost recovery proposal and have asked officers to revise the proposals so that the Cabinet can carefully consider the charges for next year with a view to agreeing a longer term strategy, which will be developed following the face to face conversations we will be having with interested individuals and groups in the New Year. Naz Parkar – Strategic Director, Economy and Infrastructure


Service delivery

The service provides around 3,000 cremations, 500 full burials, and 130 burials of cremated remains (ashes) each year.

Of the 500 burials performed each year:

  • (76) 15% are performed 'Out of Standard Hours'
  • (123) 25% of the total burials are child burials (including pre-term babies)

The council maintains 14 cemeteries across the district, 7 of which are closed to new burials.

Of the 3000 cremations performed each year:

  • 1800 are at Huddersfield Crematorium
  • 1200 are in Dewsbury Moor Crematorium

Costs and charges

  • The standard charge for a burial is £1815
  • The standard charge of a cremation is £699
Comparison to neighbouring local authorities
Authority Full grave with 1 adult Out of hours surcharge - burial Standard cremation Out of hours surcharge - cremation
Kirklees (current) £1815 No charge £699 £648
Kirklees (proposed) £2065 £477 £713 £477
Barnsley £1711 Service not provided £737 Service not provided
Bradford £1753 Double charge for Sat, £140 per hour after 3:15pm £726 £73 for after 2.40pm and £1000 Sat am
Calderdale £1785 £230 out of hours additional fee, £100 after 3pm £742 £210 after 3:30pm
Leeds £2427 £224 (M - Fri), £446 Sat, £558 Sun £850 £84 for after 3.40pm
Oldham £1610 £50 after 2:30pm, £50 Fri 11-12 noon, £99 Fri 12-1pm, £149 Fri 1-2pm, £200 Fri 2-4pm, £513 Sat & Sun £693 £92 after 3:30pm
Rochdale £2306 Service not provided £698 Not listed
Wakefield £2084 POA £829 POA

Your views

We would like your views on whether you feel the increase in charges needed for the service to operate on a non-subsidised basis - ie not subsidised by general funds or by diverting funds from other services.

You can have your say on these proposals, or make any suggestions on how we can provide the service in an affordable and more efficient way in the future.

You can have your say:-

  • 30th October 2017: Consultation starts
  • 8 December 2017: Consultations ends

We will contact everyone who has already been in touch with us for their comments. We may also invite people who have made a comment for a discussion to progress ideas further.