Greenhead Park War Memorial

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  • Situated in Greenhead Park near the bottom entrance at Trinity Street just off the main drive leading to the Memorial for the First and Second World Wars
  • The period commemorated is Boer War 1899 – 1902


Greenhead Park War Memorial
Greenhead Park War Memorial

Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Greenhead Park.


The Inscription reads:-:

In memory of
the men from this district
who gave their lives for their country
in the South African War. 1899 – 1902,
this monument has been
erected by public subscription

Names and plaques

  • Sergt. H. D. Bottomley 14th Hussars
  • Corpl. V. Kenworthy 14th Hussars
  • Corpl. T. Dearnley Liverpool Regt.
  • Corpl. F. J. Turner W. Yorks. Regt.
  • Corpl. E. Settle W. Riding. Regt.
  • Driver. J. Goodyear R.H.A.
  • Pte. F. G. Calverley 6th Dragoon Guards.
  • Pte. T. Matley 10th Hussars.
  • Pte. L. Sykes 10th Hussars.
  • Sapper. J. S. Lord Tel. Div. R.E
  • Pte. W. Hey Scots. Guards.
  • Pte. G. Browning Yorks. Regt.
  • Pte. H. Kettlewell Yorks. Regt.
  • Pte. C. Slater K.O.S.B.

  • Pte. N. H. Fitton W. Riding Regt.
  • Pte. A. Wilkinson W. Riding Regt.
  • Pte. J. Costello Yorks. L. I.
  • Pte. A. Pugh Shropshire. L. I.
  • Pte. T. Coleman Manchr. Regt.
  • Pte. G. A. Roberts Yorks & Lancs. M. I.
  • Pte. E. Smith A.O.C.
  • Pte. H. H. Morley Imperial Yeomanry
  • Pte. A. Sykes Imperial Yeomanry
  • Pte. J. C. Mellor 2nd V. B. W. Riding Re
  • Pte. H. H. Hemingway 2nd V. B. W. Riding
  • Pte. E. Walker 2nd V. B. W. Riding Re
  • Pte. W. H. Smith Thorneycroft’s M. I.
  • Pte. J. E. Walker N.S.W. Bushmen

This memorial was unveiled by
Lieut. General Sir J. D. P. French K. C. B.. K. C. M. G
on Saturday May 20th 1905