Brockholes War Memorial

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  • Situated the junction of Oakes Lane and Brockholes Lane in the village of Brockholes - Huddersfield West Yorkshire
  • The Memorial cross is surrounded by railings in a prominent area in the village


Brockholes War Memorial
Brockholes War Memorial
Brockholes War Memorial
Brockholes War Memorial

Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Brockholes.


The Brookholes War Memorial has one inscription that reads::

‘To the Glory of God
and in proud and grateful memory of our
many sons who served in the European War
of whose gallant number these came not again’

Names and plaques

1914 - 1918

  • Charles Backhouse
  • Walter Bailey
  • H. Harry Ball
  • Lewis Beaumont
  • Harry Bowman
  • Lister Bray
  • Fred Charlesworth
  • Harold Charlesworth
  • G. Clifford Cheetham
  • Stanley Hampshire
  • Lewis Harker
  • Fred Hirst
  • G. Stanley Illingworth
  • Willie Lawton
  • Robert Lloyd
  • Thomas Lockwood
  • Herbert Lodge
  • Hedley Lovell
  • Victor Robinson
  • Geo. E Sellens
  • Ernest Tyas
  • Charles A. Webb

Shall we fail these who died?


  • William Gall
  • Douglas Shaw
  • Tom B. Nicholson
  • Henry Mitchell Peckett
  • Thomas W. Hirst
  • Jack Heywood
  • Hubert Briggs
  • Hubert Armitage