Netherthong War Memorial

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  • Situated in a small garden, on the opposite side of the road to the entrance of Netherthong Parish Church.
  • A stone memorial with a Celtic-style cross with sword of sacrifice superimposed, on double rectangular base, the upper part with scrolled volutes draped with laurel sprays.


Netherthong War Memorial
Netherthong War Memorial
Netherthong War Memorial
Netherthong War Memorial

Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Netherthong.


The front face upper panel inscription reads:

1914 - 1919
In grateful remembrance
of the men
of this parish who made
the supreme sacrifice in
The Great War.

The front face lower panel inscription reads:

The men were very good unto us and we were not hurt.
They were a wall unto us both by night and day.

Names and plaques


  • I. Barrowclough
  • L. Beaumont
  • G.H. Booth
  • C. Brackenbury
  • H. Brackenbury
  • G.H. Bradley
  • G. Bray
  • W.B. Bray
  • L. Buckley
  • H. Charlesworth
  • G. Child
  • G.F. Durrant
  • N. Fisher
  • C.P. Floyd
  • R. Froggatt
  • S. Gill
  • G.R. Gledhill
  • A. Greenwood
  • W. Haigh
  • L. Hellawell
  • F. Hill
  • H. Hobson
  • J.H. Hoyle
  • G. Kaye
  • M. Lockwood
  • A. Quarmby
  • N.P. Ricketts
  • B. Roebuck

Right hand side upper.

  • B. Sanderson
  • A.H. Schofield
  • B. Senior
  • C. Shaw
  • F. Shaw
  • E. Smith
  • F. Swallow
  • E. Taylor
  • J. Webster
  • A. Whiteley
  • D. Wilkinson
  • C. Woodhead
  • J. Worsley

1899-1902 South African War
Right hand side lower.

  • J.E. Walker

1939-1945 European War
Left hand side.

  • M. Froggatt
  • L.H. Horn
  • B. Wilson