Thornhill Parish Church War Memorial

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  • Thornhill Parish Church is situated in Church Lane, Thornhill near Dewsbury, approximately 1 ½ miles from Dewsbury Town Centre.

    The period commemorated is 1914 – 1918 and 1939 – 1945

    Description – a stone cross situated in the lawned area to the right of the main entrance to the Church


Location by map

The marker Google marker represents the location of the war memorial in Thornhill Parish Church.



the Glory

in Memory of
the Men of Thornhill
who gave their lives
in the Great War
1914 - 1918

1939 – 1945

Names and plaques

1914 - 1919
For King and Coutry

To the Glory of God
and in affectionate
Remembrance of the
Men of Thornhill
who gave their lives
in the Great European War

1914 - 1918

Make them to be numbered
with they Saints in
Glory Everlasting

  • Cpl. Gordon Brown
  • L/Cpl. Alexander Bruce
  • Pte. Willie Chambers
  • Pte. Norman Cleveland
  • Pte. Willie Croft
  • Pte. Harry Denton
  • L/Cpl. Alfred H. Dixon
  • Sapr. Benjamin Gaines
  • L/Cpl. Arthur Garfitt
  • Pte. Harold Grace
  • Pte. Leonard Halstead
  • Pte. Herbert Heaton
  • 2nd Lt. Frank B. Hinchliffe
  • Pte. Percy Holmes
  • Pte. Eric Johnson
  • Pte. Samuel H. Jubb
  • Pte. Willie Jubb
  • Cpt. Edward Kaye
  • Pte. James Ed. Kaye
  • L/Cpl. Norman Kitson
  • Cpt. Christopher Laycock
  • Pte. John E. Lee
  • Pte. Gilber Lewis
  • Bmdr Ernest Asquith M.M.
  • Pte. Arthur Mallinson
  • Pte. Wilson Marshall
  • Pte. Clement Micklethwaite
  • Pte. Thomas Newton
  • Pte. Wright Ouldridge
  • L/Cpl. Hubert Peace
  • Pte. Wm. Henry Peace
  • Pte. Wm. George Russell
  • Pte. James Scargill
  • Pte. Leonard Shackleton
  • L/Cpl. Ernest Sheard
  • Pte. John Simmons
  • Pte. Harold Smith
  • Pte. Herbert Summerscales
  • Major Frank Taylor
  • Bmdr. Thomas Thornton
  • L/Cpl. Frank Tomlinson
  • Pte. Norman Tomlinson
  • Pte. Fred Vickers
  • Bmdr. Jack Weate
  • L/Cpl. Sam Wilson
  • Pte. Edgar Winterflood
  • Pte. George A. Lightowler

1939 - 1945
Also in Gratitude to the Men of Thornhill who
gave their lives in the World War 1939 – 1945

  • Ernest Atkinson
  • Richard Ayrton
  • George Baxter
  • Harold Beaumont
  • Herbert Bedford
  • Reuben Blakeley
  • Walter Boot
  • Jack Booth
  • Arnold Brook
  • Ronald Brook
  • Richard Brown
  • Joseph Clarkson
  • John Collomosse
  • Joseph Douglas
  • Raymond Dyson
  • Donald Fitton
  • Christopher Hayman
  • Norman Hemingway
  • George Hodgson
  • Raymond Jefferson
  • Arthur Lilburn
  • Gibson Peace
  • James Pickering
  • Jean Scargill
  • Rufus Senior
  • Horace Sheard
  • Raymond Shires
  • Leonard Smith
  • Chas. Summerscales
  • Nelson Sykes
  • Arnold Whitworth
  • Rayner Winterburn

Their are seven (7) War Graves in several sections of the Burial Grounds of Thornhill Parish Church

10539073 Craftsman

R. E. Blakeley


Died 7th November 1945

Aged 39


  • R.E. Blakeley

4540630 Private

J. Clarkson

The West Yorkshire Regt.

6th May 1944 Age 44

To Faithful Warriors
Cometh Rest
Sweet is the calm
of Paradise the blest


  • J. Clarkson

Hartley Hayman

in proud memory
of their Grandson
Hartley Hayman
St John’s College

Captain 9th Queens Royal Lancers
killed gallantly leading his troop
into action in North Africa
on Easter Monday 1943
Aged 25 years

Hartley Hayman

  • Captain Christopher Hartley Hayman

37840 Private

P. R. Littlewood

Leicestershire Regiment

13th December 1918

He did is duty nobly
and died that we may live
also in Memory of
George and Ernest Littlewood


  • Private P.R. Littlewood

In Loving Memory of
Emil William Pickering
D.S. O - T. D - D. L - JP.
Colonel R.A.
of Netherton Hall near Wakefield
1882 – 1942

also his younger son
James Kenneth Alexander
Flying Officer R. A. F.
who gave his life in the service
of his Country December 31st 1942
Aged 20


  • Colonel R.A. Emil William Pickering D.S. O - T. D - D. L - JP
  • Flying Officer James Kenneth Alexander Pickering

Flight Lieutenant

C. Summerscales D.F.C.

Wireless Op/Air Gunner

Royal Air Force

22nd December 1944 Age 28

Worthy of Remembrance


  • Flight Lieutena C. Summerscales D.F.C.

31046 Private

J. A. Windle

King’s Own Yorkshire L. I.

24th September 1917 Age 20


  • J.A. Windle