Consultation on services for children, young people and adults, including people with disabilities

What we're doing

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When we're doing it?

Between 04-Sep-2017 and 22-Oct-2017

We will be

  • Asking for information
  • Giving out/sharing information


  • Customer experiences
  • Education and learning
  • Events, leisure and culture
  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Roads and transport

Where's it happening?

Across the whole of Kirklees:

More information on what we're doing

This consultation covers three different services:
1. Short break opportunities for parents and carers of children with additional or complex needs
2. Access to childcare and learning support for 0-4 year olds with special educational needs or disabilities, and for school-age children with special educational needs or disabilities in out-of-school childcare
3. Transport for children, young people and adults to support them in accessing Social Care within their communities, e.g. someone with a disabilit

What happened?

Thank you to everyone that took part in this consultation - we received 267 responses while the consultation was taking place in September - October 2017.

You can read the consultation report by using the links on the right hand side of this page.

The report includes results for each section:
- Short Breaks
- Childcare and learning support (Access Fund)
- Social Care Transport, including home-to-school transport*
- Overall services and support

Brief summaries of open comments questions have been provided, to give a flavour of
common themes. A full list of all comments received is available separately - again linked from the right hand side of this page.

*There was a separate consultation for home-to-school transport, but both consultations were promoted together as some families could be affected by proposals in each consultation.

What difference did the work make?

Findings from this consultation are being used to develop proposals for changes to support and transport for disabled children, adults and older people. These proposals are expected to be discussed by Kirklees Council Cabinet on 23rd January 2018.

Cabinet have approved changes to the Home to School Transport service and to some support services for disabled children, adults and older people.

Key changes include:
- Changing the way that free Home to School Transport for mainstream schools is assessed. The nearest school geographically will in future be used to determine how far children need to travel to school, and whether children are therefore entitled to a free bus pass.
- Encouraging more use of independent travel training to support pupils who have additional needs with using public transport where appropriate.
- Making sure a number of Early Years settings across the district are better equipped to support children with SEND, which will help funding to go further.
- Exploring other transport options with Social Care Transport users and their families, before council-funded transport is offered.
- Continuing with overnight Short Breaks, and further developing after school services and short breaks provided in the community.
- Families in which pupils are entitled to free school meals, or where parents are in receipt of maximum Working Tax Credits, will continue to be entitled to free Home to School Transport.

Methods of involvement

MethodHowHow many peopleStartEnd
Face to faceDrop in sessions - Huddersfield & Dewsburytbc20-09-201721-09-2017
Face to faceDrop in sessions - Huddersfield & Dewsburyas many as possible26-09-201728-09-2017
OnlineOnline surveys - links on right of pageas many as possible04-09-201722-10-2017
Paper copyEasy Read copies availabletbc04-09-201722-10-2017
Paper copyIn Hudds and Dewsbury customer service centrestbc04-09-201722-10-2017

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