Our Voice: KNH Furniture Packs Consultation

What we're doing

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing are in the process of renewing their contract for young tenants furniture packs. The Young Peoples Tenancy Team commissioned Our Voice to work with young tenants to: 1. Update and youth proof the literature young tenants receive to explain the furniture pack rental process and their new tenancy 2. To collect feedback on the current contract and see if any changes (and possible savings) could be made on the new contract for tender.

When we're doing it?

Between 01-Oct-2013 and 14-Feb-2015

We will be

  • Asking for information
  • Giving out/sharing information


  • Customer experiences
  • Education and learning
  • Housing

Where's it happening?

Across the whole of Kirklees:

More information on what we're doing

An engaging session was created which:

-Explained the current contents of the furniture pack, rental terms and cost
-Asked young people 'essential' furniture for independent living
-Asked young people how the details of their tenancy /explanation of the furniture pack could be presented in an understandable format

This information was collected and collated into the report.

In February, KNH's Young Tenancy Manager (Susan Greenwood) and the design team met young tenants to make a new leaflet.
Only selected groups

What happened?

Young Tenants told us that:
-Overall the furniture pack was good value and provided what they needed.
-The curtains and divan were the two main items they would change, given the opportunity. (These two items often end up being replaced)
-That some young people have a bed when they move into their own tenancy and a choice of bed or sofa may be a better option.
-That not many read their tenancy pack! so an easier to understand leaflet would be more suitable.

As a result, KNH have integrated these changes into their new contract for tender. Voile panels (a reduced cost option) have replaced the curtains-making a saving.

The 3 booklet tenancy pack has been replaced by a double sided A4 key facts leaflet, which young tenants co-designed.


What difference did the work make?

-The report is available online.

-The new contract, including the young peoples suggestions and savings is now in place.

-The new leaflet is in production and being issued by the Young People's Tenancies Team.

-The young people who contributed their feedback and time have all been sent a letter updating them of the changes, a thankyou card and a certificate for their involvement.

-2 young people have actively joined the Our Voice team, volunteering on other community projects.

-The project has been shared with British Youth Council as part of their Positive Stories programme http://www.byc.org.uk/uk-work/youth-voice/positive-stories-from-youth-representatives.aspx (copy link into browser)

Methods of involvement

MethodHowHow many peopleStartEnd
Face to faceInterviews and discussions3901-10-201314-02-2015
PhoneInterview over the phone1201-10-201330-11-2014

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