Balancing the books: budget consultation 2014

What we're doing

We are part way through making some big changes to modernise your council whilst also making the budget reductions we need to. To help us plan, there will be 2 phases of public consultation this Autumn. Phase 1 (Sept 2014) is an initial consultation on some broad principles. Phase 2 (Nov 2014) will focus on specific budget options. We will report back on both phases to full-Council in January and councillors will make their final budget decisions in February 2015.

When we're doing it?

Between 08-Sep-2014 and 05-Dec-2014

We will be

  • Asking for information
  • Giving out/sharing information


  • Customer experiences

Where's it happening?

Across the whole of Kirklees:

More information on what we're doing

There will be two phases of consultation:

*Phase 1 (8th Sept - 3rd Oct 2014) - an initial consultation on the broad principles underpinning the budget options.

*Phase 2 (27th Oct - 5th Dec 2014) - focusing on specific budget options and ideas.

Find out more at, or take a look at our short video - link on the right.

Please note that this consultation has now closed.

What happened?

This consultation has now closed, and councillors will make budget decisions in February 2015. Thank you to everyone that shared their views - we received the most responses we've ever had to a budget consultation. You can take a look at our summary reports on the findings by clicking the links on the right.

What difference did the work make?

The findings from this budget consultation were shared and discussed at the full-Council meeting in January 2015, in advance of budget decisions being made.

The budget for 2015-16 was set at the full-Council meeting in February 2015.

A number of service-specific consultations are now also being undertaken.

Methods of involvement

MethodHowHow many peopleStartEnd
Face to faceMeetings - info/support to take partTBC08-09-201405-12-2014
Onlinee-panel (phase 2)90027-10-201405-12-2014
OnlineOnline feedback form (phase 1)As many as possible08-09-201403-10-2014
OnlineOnline feedback form (phase 2)As many as possible27-10-201405-12-2014
Paper copyConsultation booklet/form (phase 2)As many as possible27-10-201405-12-2014
Paper copyConsultation booklet/form (phase 1)As many as possible08-09-201403-10-2014

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