Information for young carers and young adult carers, Barnodo's Kirklees Young Carers Service and how to make a referral.

Young carers and young adult carers

A young carer or young adult carer are young people aged 8-18 years who look after a family member affected by a physical or mental health difficulty, disability or substance misuse problem.

This could mean:

  • listening or keeping them company
  • cooking meals and making drinks
  • visiting them in hospital
  • cleaning and tidying the house
  • providing personal care
  • doing shopping
  • helping with medication

If you do any of these things you may be a young carer!

Barnardo’s Kirklees Young Carers Service

This is a support service for young carers living in Kirklees. They work with carers to develop their skills and strengths to achieve their own goals and reduce the most negative and damaging effects that some young carers experience. Support includes those carers who may be well adapted to their caring roles but may still need support and time out, including help in school around attendance, attainment and bullying.

You can find more information and support at:


The service only accepts referrals where the young person and/or parent (depending on age of child) has been included in the referral process and has given permission to share their information. Families and professionals can make a referral by filling in a form or contacting the service directly.

If you think you know a young carer or your child is helping to look after you, you can complete a referral form:

Useful links

Babble is an online community created by Carers Trust as an online space for young carers aged under 18 to chat, share their experiences and access information and advice. The site aims to bring together young carers from across the UK in an online space which is safe, fun and supportive. The online team are on hand to answer any questions, and to offer support and advice via e-mail or one-to-one webchats.

Contact Barnardo's Kirklees Young Carers Service