There are many events and activities, places to go and open spaces for you to enjoy with your friends. Register with a youth club in your area or keep active and play sports.

Summer activities

Find out what's going on across Kirklees this summer for 8 to 16 year olds with our Summer Programme 2017.

North Kirklees Summer 2017 Programme, 8-16 Years

South Kirklees Summer 2017 Programme, 8-16 Years

KNH Supported Summer Playschemes – North and South Kirklees

Food, exercise and sport

There are plenty of sports to help you live an active healthy lifestyle or just to have some fun with your friends.

  • Walking
  • Dance
  • Cycling
  • Swimming

Countryside, parks and open spaces

If you enjoy outdoor activities and parks, there are plenty of places to visit.

  • Places to visit
  • Activities and events
  • Clubs and organisations
  • Information and advice

Museums and galleries

If its history, art and heritage that interests you, there are a variety of galleries and museums that you can visit.

  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • History and heritage

Youth clubs

If you are looking for an activity filled day with your friends, or just a place to hang out, there are plenty of youth and mobile clubs in your area.

  • Youth clubs
  • Mobile youth clubs
  • How to register