Get involved with apprenticeships and careers to help set your future. Learn lessons that can't be taught in class and aspirations for Kirklees schools in the future.

Lessons that can't be taught in class

Stiff competition from other applicants means it can be hard to get a job. So give yourself, and your CV, a head start over the others with this fun, action packed adventure.

If you're aged 16 or 17 #Sayyes to the National Citizens Service (NCS) two-week, full time programme of fun and discovery away from home.

You'll spend the first week at an outward bound facility doing activities like abseiling, water-rafting and canoeing. During the second week you get the chace to live away from home, typically at a local university halls of resident, learning how to be self-sufficient and finding out more about the needs of your local community. You'll also spend 30 spend hours with a community project that benefits both young people and the local society

At the end of the programme you'll have a killer CV having developed personal and social skills ideal for employment resilience, confidence, independence. and leadership, showing you've made a real difference in your community.

Not only is this a great opportunity and great fun, but research has shown that having extra-curricular activities like this one will help your CV stand out from the crowd. If you later decide you want to go onto University, NCS is now recognised by UCAS too.


An apprenticeship could be for you if you know which area of work you want to get into and are ready to go out into the work place.

As an apprentice most of your time would be spent with your employer but you'd also spend regular time at a college or training provider centre gaining additional knowledge and skills. It's a very practical "hands on" way of learning. During your apprenticeship you'd work towards a range of work related qualifications.

As an apprentice you'd earn a minimum of £2.65 per hour. This amount is usually a starting point. Your pay may rise as your skills and ability to do your job increases.

There are apprenticeships available in many different industries. Nationally there are over 200 types of apprenticeship available so there's plenty of choice. There are three levels of apprenticeship available:

  • Intermediate level apprenticeships - level 2
  • Advanced level apprenticeships - level 3
  • Higher apprenticeships - level 4 (usually taken at 18+)

There are no set entry requirements but some apprenticeships may ask for certain grades. apprenticeships usually last between one and three years, though some can take longer. The length of yours would depend on the type and level of apprenticeship, your ability and your employer's needs.

The apprenticeship that's right for you will depend on your interests, ability, level of qualifications and what's available locally. The National apprenticeship website can tell you all you need to about apprenticeships.


ckcareersonline can help you make the right career choice whatever stage you're at! You may be aged 13-19 and thinking about getting a job, going on a course or doing some training.

Kirklees schools aspirations for the future

Five Kirklees schools along with some Kirklees College apprentices volunteered to be filmed discussing their aspirations for the future.

Watch these four short videos and to find out what our children think about learning in Kirklees.

Chapter 1 - Supporting nurturing and caring

Chapter 2 - Preparing for life

Chapter 3 - Reaching for the stars

Chapter 4 - There's no limit to where children will go