Our pledge is made up of things that the council can definitely do for you and it is written simply so that it's easy to understand.

What is Kirklees Council's pledge to you?

We work together with Kirklees Futures - Children in Care Council to agree our pledge. Our pledge is for all children and young people in our care from babies to your 18th birthday, although some parts only apply at certain ages.

Our pledge is also for young people who have left our care, up to the age of 21, and sometimes to the age of 25.

We hope you use this pledge and make sure you take advantage of all the support, services and opportunities that are available.

Our pledge to you - for young children

Our pledge to you - for older children

About the pledge

The government recommends that every local authority make a pledge or promise to the children and young people in their care.

  • Kirklees Council will only promise you things we know we can do.
  • We will always try to make your experience of being in care as positive and happy as possible. Being in care should be a good experience and it is our responsibility to make that happen.
  • We will always involve you in decisions about you and your life. You have the right to make your views known about what you want.
  • We will treat you as an individual and listen to what matters to you about your culture, such as the food you like, your language or your religious beliefs, and the people you want to be with.
  • Whenever we make a decision with you and when using any part of this Pledge, your safety and well-being are really important to us.
  • We have set up a Children in Care Council called Kirklees Futures, so you can make your views known. We will support the work of the Children in Care Council and encourage you to be involved if you would like to be. For those children or young people who are not part of the Council, we will use other ways to hear your views.

Have your say

If you are unhappy with the service you receive and want to make a complaint let us know. Sometimes we do good things, so please let us know if you are happy with the service you receive. Children's Rights can help you to make a compliment or complaint or provide an advocate who could help you sort out any problems you may have.

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