An independent visitor is not paid to spend time with you, they do it because they want to. An independent visitor is NOT a social worker or carer.

About independent visitors

An independent visitor is someone that you choose. Someone you can talk to, get along with and ask for advice. They might be someone you already know or they might be completely new to you.

You could even ask your independent visitor to support you in your review or meetings at school.

Sometimes there are young people who really need an Independent Visitor because they don't have much contact with their family or friends, so we try to get them one first.

It can sometimes take a while for us to find each child or young person the right Independent Visitor. We need to make sure we have as wide a variety of people registered as Independent Visitors as possible in order to make more matches with our looked after children and young people.

We also interview the independent visitors, do police checks, ask for references and run some training to make sure they are safe before they start visiting you.

How to get an independent visitor

Tell your carer, social worker or someone else you trust that you wish to have an independent visitor. Your social worker will then make a referral which means your name goes on our waiting list.

If you'd like to know more about independent visitors you can always contact the independent visitor coordinator

If you are not happy with your visitor

If things have changed and you decide you no longer want an independent visitor or you would like someone else please contact the Independent Visitor scheme and speak to the Independent Visitor Coordinator who will help you.

If you feel you need to make a complaint about an independent visitor you can speak to the Independent Visitor Coordinator or ask your carer or social worker to contact us for you.

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