Kids in care Kirklees providing advice and information for children and young people in care in Kirklees.

Our pledge

If you aren't too sure what the council can do for you, our pledge is able to break it down into easily read articled for you to understand.

  • Information on our pledge
  • Tell us what you think about our pledge

Living in care

If you are living in care, there are lots of things to think about including the support available to you and the people trying to support you.

  • Types of placement
  • Care homes in Kirklees

Leaving care

If it is coming up to you leaving care, there is plenty of support available to you until at least your 21st birthday.

  • Leaving care team
  • Pathway plan

It's my review

Throughout your time in care you will need to fill in a review form every few months to discuss your care plan.

  • Fill in your review online
  • Help and support
  • What to expect from your review

Education and health support

Your education and health is really important, get help and advice on both educational and health needs.

  • School
  • University
  • Advice and support
  • Health assessments

Childrens rights

Information about the opportunities for you to decide what you want for your life and future.

  • Find out about childrens rights
  • Information on advocacy

Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council is a way that children and young people are looked after by Kirklees Council

  • About the children in care council
  • How to join

Independent visitors

An independent visitor is a volunteer who will spend time getting to know you and spend time regularly with just you.

  • About independent visitors
  • How to get an independent visitor
  • If you are not happy with your visitor