The Children's Rights Team make sure that you have opportunities to say what you think and have your views taken seriously when decisions are made about you, your life and your future

Introduction to Children's Rights
Children's rights get involved

What we do

There are many different ways in which we allow you to have the opportunity to have you say


An advocate is a person who can make sure that your wishes and feelings are heard, this can be done by:

  • Supporting your at your review
  • Meeting you and listening to your problems
  • Helping you to make a complaint if you are not happy about something
  • Giving you information and advice about your rights

You have a legal right to an advocate.

If you would like to talk to an advocate then please contact us or ask someone else to do it for you. We also offer a drop in service for young people to give advice, information or support.

Kirklees futures - Children in care council

Meet up with other young people in care in Kirklees to have your say about services for young people in care and help to improve them.

Interview panels

Interview members of staff such as Social Workers, Personal Advisers, Advocates, Independent Reviewing Officers and other people who will work with young people in care in Kirklees and make sure we get the right people to support you.


Be trained to deliver training about what it is like to be in care to council staff and carers so they can understand what it’s really like for someone living in care.


The Council sometimes pay other companies to provide care and support for young people in care in Kirklees, help us to choose the best services.

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