Green Streets

We want to plant more trees in our towns and cities to improve the urban environment for people businesses and wildlife.

We are particularly interested in working with developers and other promoters of urban infrastructure projects to ensure green infrastructure is incorporated in the design process.

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If you would like more information about how we can help you with this design process.

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Landscapes for Water

The White Rose Forest is at the forefront of developing a strategic approach to natural flood management across the Leeds City region.

We are working with major landowners such as Yorkshire Water to invest in our forest habitat network to help reduce flood risk and improve water quality, as well as improve biodiversity and recreation.

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If you would like some advice on how to deliver natural flood management schemes in your area.

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Trees for Learning

We want every primary state school child to plant a tree in the Leeds City region to learn what trees need to grow, and what benefits trees provide.

If your school is interested in working with us contact us to arrange a visit.