We are looking to work with landowners, local business and voluntary groups to help grow the White Rose Forest.

How to get involved


Do you own a business and want to go green?

Sponsor the Trees for Yorkshire campaign with a £100 donation and we will plant 10 trees on an accredited site. For this you will get:

  • A certificate of dedication with a map showing where the site is
  • Use of the White Rose Forest partnership logo for your promotional material
  • Use of your logo on this site showing you as a sponsor

If you want to help an environmental activity in West Yorkshire such as supporting a community group or helping establish a community woodland, heath or wetland habitat as part of your corporate responsibility, then can help you find a suitable opportunity.

Volunteers (Individuals and community groups)

The White Rose Forest Partnership has good contacts with local projects who are always looking for new volunteers to help them achieve real change where it matters.

If you want to help and are looking for ideas or local contacts then we can help.

You may be part of an existing community group that hasn't anything to do with environmental improvement but just once a year as a group want to go out and do your bit. We may help you find an activity in your area.


Improve your land and its value.

Landowners are the key resource. For without your consent we can't improve the environment. With our help you could help improve the quality and value of your property.

If you want some advice on improving your landholding whatever its size, we can put you in contact with the right people in your area.

You may want advice on managing an existing habitat, or have some land which if planted with suitable trees would provide you property with a shelter belt for wildlife/stock, a source of woodfuel, landscape improvement.

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