About the White Rose Forest

The White Rose Forest is the community forest for North and West Yorkshire, working in partnership with local authorities, landowners, businesses and communities to increase woodland across the region and improve our natural environment.

We are planting millions of trees in our urban centres and countryside that will help manage flood risk, combat climate change, create jobs and provide happier and healthier places for us all to live, work in and enjoy.

Our vision is to create a genuinely sustainable and well wooded landscape in North and West Yorkshire which will benefit local people, the economy and wildlife.

Your local community forest

Our communities are at the heart of everything we do. We plant trees for the benefit of everyone in North and West Yorkshire. We also aim to increase the involvement and connection of our local communities with the planning, planting and management of trees and woodland.

The White Rose Forest is one of ten community forests in England and one of the four northern community forests working together with the Woodland Trust to create the Northern Forest that will stretch from Merseyside across Manchester and Yorkshire.

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Working in partnership

The White Rose Forest, established on 1 August 2000, is supported by over 30 organisations, including Local Authorities, Government, charities, community enterprises and independent organisations who are working together across North and West Yorkshire to plant trees and deliver the White Rose Forest Plan.

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How we work

The White Rose Forest partnership supports a multi-disciplinary design-led approach to the planting of new woodland that produces a range of benefits for the landscape, wildlife and communities.

We are experts in woodland creation and management and work with landowners, businesses and communities to support new projects through a process.

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Our planting programmes

The White Rose Forest supports two priority tree planting programmes within North and West Yorkshire.

The Landscapes for Water programme provides a strategic approach to natural flood management and focuses on the creation of new woodland along key river valleys or catchments to help reduce flood risk for communities further downstream.

Green Streets is focused on integrating tree planting into the planning of urban areas and transport corridors to create a greener and healthier environment for us all in our towns and cities.

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