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Dewsbury Town Hall

This fine Victorian town hall is situated in the centre of bustling Dewsbury town centre. This venue offers a 700 seat concert hall ideal for big weddings or spectacular function and meeting rooms for more intimate celebrations. This impressive building is also filled with unique features such as stained glass windows, wood panelling, beautiful marble columns and spectacular ornate ceilings.

Dewsbury town hall interior

Asian celebrations

At Dewsbury Town Hall, we also offer asian celebrations allowing you to celebrate your special day with us. Our main hall can hold up to 200 people and our three room hire can accomodate up to 340 guests, with prices varying between £945 to upwards of £1125 with a £200 deposit needed to, the hire charge is for up to 6 hours. We also have some small rooms available which can be used as prayer rooms.

Dewsbury town hall dining area


Weddings and ceremonies packages at the town hall
Event Price
Bijoux 'toast' - up to 30 guests £375 - £595
Bijoux 'gourmet' - up to 30 guests £995 - £1400
Friends & family 'toast' - up to 70 guests £775 - £1175
Friends & family 'gourmet' - up to 70 guests £1850 - £2150
The main event 'toast' - 120+ guests £1695 - £1995

To book your wedding package, please contact us.