Dr Marios Adamou

Virtual Autism Show - 29 April 2020

Welcome message from Professor Marios Adamou, Consultant Psychiatrist in neurodevelopmental psychiatry (ADHD and ASD) at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

"It gives Kirklees Council credit that we can have this meeting this year again even remotely. Their commitment to supporting the needs of people with Autism have been consistent, and with this event today, we can continue to network, learn from each other and help people the best way we can.

Kirklees is one of the very few locations in the UK, where people with Autism do not have to wait longer than necessary to receive an assessment. When they receive a diagnosis, there is a specialist team which will provide appropriate interventions. As part of this, a specialist Social Worker will assess their needs and ensure appropriate support is provided.

As part of this, what you all provide in the community is essential to support people with Autism, and I thank you for your participation."