Fun activities

The 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, which marks the end of the Second World War in Europe, had a full programme of extensive activity planned months in advance. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic, however, meant that most of this was cancelled, to avoid putting people in danger. The Kirklees community nonetheless came together to celebrate peace between nations and give thanks for the sacrifices of Britain's key workers in the fight against coronavirus. These webpages were made to help residents participate in the celebrations safely.

In the blackout

Use wax crayons to make dark, dark pictures of the blackout!

It is a dark night but there is a sliver of moonlight that illuminates things which reflect light, such as a river, a cat's eyes, a Zebra crossing, some white flowers. Can you create a black and white picture for your scene?.

Wax scratch art

If you have a big black wax crayon you could cover a piece of white card with the crayon and scratch draw through to the white for your picture.

Wax resist picture

If you have black poster paint or watercolour paint you could draw with white or yellow wax crayon the things you want to show and then paint over the whole page with black paint.

(This doesn't work as well with acrylic paint).

Build a spitfire
A spitfire model

On 5 March 1936, the Spitfire took to the skies for the very first time. An icon of British resilience and defiance due to its role during World War II, today the Spitfire has become one of the best loved and most widely recognised British aircraft of all time.

Learn more about aeroplanes that help to win the battle of Britain and create your own model.

Learn how to build a spitfire glider

VE Day word search
Word search

Can you find the fourteen hidden words in our wartime themed puzzle?

View our VE Day word search

Once you have completed the puzzle, find out the answers to the VE Day word search

Make an Anderson Shelter

Create an Anderson Shelter from everyday things and decorate your scene with a dig for victory garden and festive bunting.

In this 5 part craft project, you will be making a realistic miniature version of a WWII Anderson Shelter like the ones used during the Battle of Britain. This is a great little project which requires the minimum amount of materials.

How to make a model World War Two Anderson Shelter

Ration book maths challenge (Age 8+)
Ration book

Rationing was introduced during the war to make sure that everybody got a fair share of the food available. Every member of the public was issued with a ration book. These contained coupons that shopkeepers cut out or signed when people bought food and other items.

How many sweets could you get for a week? Step back in time to work out the rations and add up in pounds shillings and pence.

Complete our ration book maths challenge

Dress a doll
Joanie the paper doll

Paper dolls were very popular in the 1940s. So meet Joanie, from the 1940s. You can dress her as a WREN, an ARP warden or her smart dress.

Print her out and stick her to a piece of card and then cut carefully around the edges to make a stand-up model.

Colour her clothes in and carefully cut them out so that you can dress her for different occasions.

Dress up Joanie the paper doll

VE Day bunting
How to make VE Day bunting

Pretty and jolly - make your own easy bunting from paper or scrap material.

This is what you need

• Red, white and blue scraps of fabric or paper

• Ribbon

• Glue

• Paper and scissors


1. Draw and cut out a diamond template on a piece of paper, around 27cm high and 20cm wide is a good size.

2. Draw around your template on the red, white or blue fabric or paper. Use pins to help you out, if you are using fabric. Cut it out.

3. Place the ribbon in the middle of the diamond shape and put some glue on one half of the diamond. Fold the diamond in half over the ribbon to make a triangle.

4. Repeat the process until you have made as much bunting as you want. Leave an equal distance between each flag. Remember to leave enough ribbon at either end to hold your bunting up.

Make your own VE Day bunting (large image)

What is happening on 8 May

3pm: National Toast

Raise a glass with us and toast the heroes of the Second World War 'To those who gave so much, we thank you'

5pm: Doorstep tea parties

Have a 1940s style tea party from the safety of your own doorstep or garden

9pm: Sing-along to 'We'll Meet Again'

Join us on your doorsteps as we provide a mass rendition of the wartime classic

9pm - 11pm: Light up Kirklees

Watch the live coverage as Victoria Tower is illuminated red, white and blue with wartime-like searchlights. Live stream from Castle Hill from 9pm starting with the singing of 'We'll Meet Again' by local singer. Batley, Dewsbury, Cleckheaton and Huddersfield Town Halls will also be lit up as a mark of respect.