Project overview

The Gateway scheme forms just one part of the councils transport interventions which aims to bring about improvements to the town in order to make it more connected and accessible.

In Dewsbury the aim is to achieve a transformational economic overhaul and the transformation of the Station forecourt is a vital first step in helping to attract inward investment to the town by improving a sense of arrival.

Kirklees Council have been working in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Trans Pennine Express to create a new and improved gateway which will benefit the 1.7 million passengers that currently use it every year.

The scheme involves the delivery of a high quality public space that will enhance the station forecourt, enabling comfortable pedestrian connectivity and the conditions for efficient transport movement around the space. A series of improvement works will be undertaken by Kirklees Council to transform the Station forecourt.

Improving the station forecourt

The function of the current layout is complicated, unattractive and offers no sense of arrival into the town. The Station is a key gateway into Dewsbury and a fundamental part of the town. The improvements will make a huge difference to the thousands of people who live, work and commute every day.

The proposals

The new station forecourt has been carefully designed to improve the overall customer experience, some of the key changes to the area included -

  • The movement of motor vehicular traffic along the front of the station will no longer be permitted. The reason for this is so there is a better balance between vehicles and pedestrians. This will allow the area to function as a safe and cohesive space so pedestrians and the different road users can operate without conflicting with each other
  • The existing crossing will be replaced with a toucan crossing which will allow for both cyclist and pedestrians to cross safely. The use of a toucan crossing creates a straight across pedestrian crossing which sets a clear pathway in line with main pedestrian desire lines and will offer better connectivity from the station to the Town Centre
  • The new public realm areas on either side of the toucan crossing will be a shared area which will permit the use of cycles as well as pedestrian movement.
  • Better designated parking areas will be incorporated to allow pickup/drop off and to alight /board taxis
  • The free town bus stop will still operate from the station but will be situated on the ring road to allow for easier access
  • Redefined road layout within the car parking areas will be constructed to help ease congestion for vehicles in and around the station
  • The creation of a public realm space adjacent to the entrance of the station which will offer an open and free area for commuters coming into and out of the station.
  • Designated seating areas will be created to allow for a social and interactive environment
  • The creation of raised wall planters will help to connect and define the space and offers a pleasant walkway to the entrance of the station
  • Following key design principles for public spaces we have included the use of material that are attractive and reflects the character of an area. Material such as Yorkstone slab paving; a natural material that is local to Dewsbury and is prevalent throughout the town has been included.
Dewsbury Rail Station plan


The programme of works is due to start in Summer 2018 and will take around 6 months to complete.

Please be advised that construction works may result in delays to journey times.

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