This support is usually for the short term and the pupils remain dual registered with their mainstream school. It is for children and young people who, because of their medical condition, are hospitalised and/or unable to attend mainstream school.

The aim of this provision is, where possible, to support the pupil towards reintegration into mainstream education. This is done at the earliest opportunity, working closely with school, the pupil, parents/carers and other agencies.

The Kirklees medical provision is offered in line with the following DfE guidance

Accessing medical tuition

Referral for medical tuition is made by mainstream schools via the Single Point of Referral. Referrals can be made under the following criteria:

  • the pupil has an illness that will result in a 15+ day absence;
  • the pupil has a potentially long term illness or recurrent bouts of chronic illness;
  • the pupil has complex mental health needs.

All medical needs referrals must be supported by the appropriate medical advice eg, NHS Consultant, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Tier 3.

Teaching given to pupils with medical needs

Ethos College medical provision delivers education from Key Stage One through to the end of Key Stage Four through a broad and balanced, age appropriate curriculum up to and including GCSE qualifications.

Contact pupil referral service (ETHOS)

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