Kirklees specialist provision consists of a team of specialist teachers, teaching assistants and family SEN workers who work to promote the educational inclusion and achievement of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities in our local mainstream schools

They cover pupils with sensory needs (visual impairment and hearing impairment), physical impairment, autistic spectrum disorder and speech, language and communication needs.

What specialist provision can offer as part of their support

An initial meeting with school staff and parents. This helps to determine what support the Specialist Provision team can offer. This could include the following:

  • An observation of the pupil both in class and other environments.
  • Supporting schools to develop a clear package of support
  • Strategies to support the pupil in school
  • Direct support for the pupil involved, if appropriate
  • Training and advice for staff in settings on an individual, group or whole school
  • To work with outside agencies and voluntary organisations already involved, with permission from parents
  • Support and advice for families in their home environment
  • Support through points of transition, for example, from primary to secondary schools

How to access support

The child's school will make a referral as they are the first point of contact for families and already have lots of information and understanding of the child. The level of support required is based on the child in relation to their individual needs and their stage of development.

Parents may also want to contact the service directly:

Specialist provision places within mainstream schools

Whilst the majority of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities will attend their local mainstream school; for some individuals, after a period of support it may be suggested that a place in a specialist provision may be necessary.

There are a number of specialist provisions within mainstream schools who provide support for pupils with more complex needs. Pupils in these provisions will access the majority of their learning and school life in an inclusive mainstream environment alongside their peers. Each pupil will have an individualised learning programme according to their needs. They can also access additional resources and expertise. The amount of time they spend in the mainstream environment and how they access it will depend on their individual needs.

Schools with specialist provision

Visual impairment
Hearing impairment
Physical impairment
Autistic spectrum disorder
Speech language and communication needs

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