The My Life Team attends Education, Health and Care Plan reviews for young people in year 9, 11 and post 16 (14 to 25 years old) who do not have an allocated worker from social care.

Our role within the review is to share information and advice on the preparing for adulthood (PfA) outcomes which are:

  • Employment - exploring different employment and training options
  • Independent living - having choice, control or freedom, over their lives and the support they have, their accommodation and living arrangements
  • Health - being as healthy as possible in adult life
  • Community participation - having friends and supportive relationships, participating in and contributing to the local community

We help young people and their families to start thinking about their future and some of the decisions they may need to make, for example:

  • what is important to them
  • what makes them happy
  • what they would like to do when they become an adult
  • how they can achieve their goals

We offer information, advice, and guidance on what adult social care offers. We provide information about services that are available whereby you may not need an adult social care assessment.

We also offer information and advice about when and how to get an adult social care assessment if you do need one.

Who this service is for

This service is for young people aged 14-25 (year 9 onwards). Anyone with an EHCP who accesses a specialist school and does not have social care support.

If you do not access a specialist educational setting, we can offer advice over the phone.

How to access what we do

You need to have an EHCP (year 9+) in a specialist educational setting.

The person who organises your review can invite us to attend. This would usually be your educational setting.

You can also contact us through Gateway to Care on 01484414933 and ask for the My Life Team.

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