It’s important to think about planning for changes in our lives, including any care and support you may need. It’s really important to get independent financial advice so that you can make balanced and reasoned decisions.

The cost of care and support may be a substantial commitment over many years. If you have assets such as your own home or investments, you will want to understand the full impact the cost of your care and support will have on your personal situation, the long term financial implications and the full range of payment options available to you.

When you might need independent financial advice

  • Independent financial advisers can advise on how you can make your money work best for you to help cover any long term care costs.
  • It can be difficult making life changing decisions by yourself, so with the support and input of an independent adviser, you will be better placed to make a balanced and informed decision.
  • They are able to assess your specific circumstance in full and can make sure you are claiming all the benefits and allowances you are entitled to.

Charges for independent financial advice

  • Many independent financial advisers do charge either a fee or commission, so it's important you ask them when you first speak to them.
  • Many advisers do offer an initial free consultation - once again, it's important you ask them at the beginning so you are clear about any fees or charges there may be.

Finding independent financial advice

Independent financial advice is available from a number of sources. Some services are free and provided by not-for-profit organisations, such as:

NHS Choices - care and support guide

NHS Choices care and support guide provides national guidance on Funding Care.

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