Are you an adult carer or do you receive adult social care support in Kirklees?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to access information about your adult social care and support?

Kirklees Council Adult Social Care would like to hear about your experiences and how things could be improved. We are also interested to know if people would like to be able to access more of their information online and if so, how.

Be part of shaping adult social care
Types of things people want to access about their adult social care and support
Things people often want to find out, for example: Things people often want to tell us, for example:
How much am I contributing towards my care costs? I've changed my phone number or address
How much respite allowance do I have left? I want to nominate someone who can speak on my behalf
When is my next planned review? I need some equipment
How is my financial assessment progressing? I'd like to request a review
What's in my support plan? I need a Carephone
What was in my last review? I need to rearrange my appointment

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Closing date 20th August 2019

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What happens next?

Lagom Strategy, the organisation helping the council manage the consultation, will produce an independent report of the consultation results. All results will be published on our Involve website.

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