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If you are not already a social worker but want to find out about becoming a social worker please have a look at information on Children's Social Work Matters

Hear from Advanced Practitioners about what it's like to be a social worker at Kirklees Council.

What to expect from us as a...

Social worker or senior practitioner

We will respect and value your experience and skills and you can expect to be supported to do the job you love; we know how hard it can be. Everyone is different and has different aspirations and passions; we want to build on those and will support you to pursue those wherever we can. There are opportunities to specialise in specific areas of social work (e.g. Looked After Children). Tailored development plans and opportunities to access specialist development around your interests is what our teams have told us is important; we're working hard to make this a reality for all. If your ambitions are as a manager we have a well-established aspiring managers programme.

If you want to stay in practice we want to make sure you've got opportunities to develop even further, our Teaching Partnership with York and Huddersfield Universities means we may have research opportunities linked to your passions. Reflective supervision is a priority. Recognising the commitment you make, if you complete ASYE in Kirklees you'll receive a one off professional quality incentive payment of £500, if you complete Level 3 progression with Kirklees you'll receive a one off professional quality incentive payment of £1000. As a Level 3 social worker or senior practitioner you'll receive a market rate supplement of £1500.

Team manager

We expect you to be exacting and demanding of your teams and understand you'll have those same expectations of Kirklees and your management team. You'll have access to reflective supervision, supportive management and peers who understand your role and the challenges you face. As with your team, you will have access to tailored development including further management development and key training in managing in a social work setting. Of course you'll also have access to council wide management and leadership programmes. Recognising the skills and experience you bring to the role you'll receive a market rate supplement of £4500.