"We have ambitious targets for homes and business development.

"We want to see investment in homes and employment sites and will work with all our customers to secure quality applications that can be dealt with as quickly as possible and efficiently to enable us to meet our ambitions"

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member

Our planning team, like many others across the country, have seen a significant increase in the number of applications submitted year on year.

At Kirklees, this is because of the Local Plan bringing more investment into the district, our aims for town centre regeneration, and a surge in planning applications and enquiries for new developments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has created a large backlog which we are working hard to reduce. We have extended our initial target dates to deal with the backlog.

Minor planning applications

These can take 5 to 6 months to be determined from validation, but we will try to decide these applications as quickly as we can.

House extension applications

Allow at least 16 weeks from validation for a decision but, if we can make a decision sooner, we will.

Please refer to our Quality Places House Extensions Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) before submitting any house extension application:

Amendments to householder planning applications

We will only accept one amendment per householder planning application (unless otherwise agreed).

Officers will proactively seek such amendments, be clear about what is required and agree a reasonable extension to the target date if necessary. This will only be with the agent specified on the application form or, if there is no agent specified, directly with the applicant.

Help us to reduce the backlog

We have recruited more staff and invested in training and development to increase our capabilities. This will take time and we ask for patience, support, understanding and for applicants and agents to minimise their contact with the planning service for updates on their applications.

All applications are important to us and we will contact you if we require any more information or need to request changes to your application. We want to help you to achieve a positive outcome for your application.

Search for planning applications gives information, including consultation responses, about specific planning applications.

You may be able to find the information you require on The Planning Portal