Planning applications during the coronavirus outbreak

In response to COVID-19 the following measures are in place and will be reviewed regularly.

Applying for permission and commenting on applications

If you wish to submit any correspondence, including new planning applications or to make comments on a planning application, we strongly encourage that these are made by online communication or by email. This is because our office is infrequently staffed and postal services are currently disrupted.

You can Apply for planning permission online or email an electronic copy of the submission to Cheques cannot be accepted.

You can comment on a planning application online or email

Statutory notices

We are currently undertaking the legal statutory publicity requirements, as set out at Table 1 in the Kirklees Development Management Charter.

This means that you should search for planning applications to view any new applications.

Neighbour Notification letters will be sent in accordance with the criteria set out in the Kirklees Development Management Charter. These will be sent by post but, to assist interested parties, the time period to make comments has been extended from 21 days to 35 days.

Site notices and press advertisements publicising applications continue to be undertaken in accordance with statutory requirements.