Parent and young people groups

Parent and young peoples groups are a great way to meet other parents for practical and emotional support. Most groups are set up and run by parents and carers of children with or without additional needs. Some professionals and organisations, particularly children centres, also run their own groups.

National groups can help provide guidance and support.

Local groups will offer opportunities to socialise, network, participate in activities and events and are a great opportunity to parents and children engage with like-minded parents.

Community facilities

Kirklees offer a range of community facilities which promote artistic, social and cultural opportunities for learning, socialising and participating for children and adults with or without learning or physical disabilities. They can be open spaces or physical buildings which the community run for the benefit of the community.

Physical facilities can be located in a wide range of venues. These can include purpose-built structures such as community centres and village halls, as well as adapted venues, including: historic listed buildings, converted houses, scout huts and rooms or halls attached to faith buildings. The majority of facilities will be accessible.

  • Comoodle - As space to share, lend and borrow stuff, space, skills, local events and activities within your community
  • Flexi Card - Flexi Card gives you benefits to a wide range of discounts available at Kirklees
  • Local Mencap in Kirklees - Working with people with learning disabilities and their families and carers to enable them to lead full and purposeful lives
  • Sensory World - Multi-sensory play centre and cafe where children can play with or without learning disabilities
  • Better in Kirklees - A group supporting you to be active and involved in the community, keeping you happier, healthier and more independent
  • Children's centres - Provides a wide range of services and support for young children
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Youth services

Youth services in Kirklees are focused on providing opportunities to young people irrespective of disability to participate in a range of activities indoor and outdoor which engage and involve. Opportunities allow young people to learn new things and share their skills.

Activities can include music events, outdoor challenges, theatre, photography, environmental projects, cultural events and more.

As disability can be of many types, parents and carers are encouraged to discuss needs directly with service providers before enrolling on an activity.

  • Foundation for people with learning disabilities - A charity that looks at how to change things that are not going well for people with learning disabilities and suggests ways to make them better
  • KIDS - A national charity working with disabled children, young people and their families
  • Whizz Kidz - A charity working hard to transform the lives of disabled children across the UK
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Volunteering is about spending time, unpaid, doing something that benefits other people, the community or the environment. It's about helping your community, meeting new people and gaining from new experiences. Kirklees actively encourages volunteering for all groups irrespective of disability.

People with learning disabilities and disabilities are encouraged to get involved, to share their passion and interests, to meet new people and make friends and to develop skills and confidence; they can benefit greatly from volunteering. Volunteering also significantly, boosts self confidence and self esteem and it provides a positive sense of achievement and satisfaction in helping the community. In fact, research has shown that people with disabilities or health conditions ranging from hearing and vision loss to heart disease, diabetes or digestive disorders all show improvement after volunteering.

Individuals volunteer their time in many different ways from enhancing the lives of older people in becoming befrienders, improving their local areas by becoming involved in conservation or helping local charities in fundraising activities.

  • Volunteering information - Information on volunteering such as how volunteering can be useful in getting work experience, developing skills, applying for work, links to volunteering websites
  • Volunteering Kirklees - Information about volunteering for people who want to build self-confidence, gain real skills and experience, boost job prospects, meet new people and have fun!
  • Do-it - Be more (volunteering) - A facility to search for volunteering opportunities
  • Volunteering Matters - A charity working in partnership with local organisations and businesses to help disabled people volunteer and contribute to their community
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Places to go
  • Ruddi's Retreat - A charity that provides family holidays to children suffering with cancer or other life-limiting illnesses, or families suffering from bereavement.
  • Action for Children - A charity working to make sure every child and young person has the love, support and opportunity they need to reach their potential.
  • Calvert Trust - A trust enabling people with disabilities, together with their families and friends, to take part in outdoor adventure in the countryside.
  • Disabled Go - Detailed access information to thousands of venues across the UK.
  • The Adamson Trust - The Adamson Trust is a long established Perthshire charity that is able to give financial help with the cost of holidays or respite breaks for youngsters aged between 3 and 17 with physical, mental or emotional disabilities.
  • The Kepplewray Centre - A well established residential outdoor activity centre, which focuses very much on inclusion, within the Lake District National Park
  • Sky Badger - Help and adventure for disabled children and their families
  • Get Cycling Disability - Cycles and cycling support to special schools, individuals and community groups
  • Vision Hotels - A group of hotels where the intimate understanding of the needs of visually impaired people is at the core of all the services and activities that the hotels provide
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After school and school holiday activities

Out-of-school clubs/holiday schemes provide safe and stimulating play opportunities for school age children at times when schools are not open. This may be before school ie breakfast clubs, when schools finish or in holiday times. They may run from schools, day nurseries, community centres, etc.

The activities for children with a disability and their families factsheet lists organisations that can provide you with help and support in community settings.

Activities and leisure

Kirklees offers a wide array of activities and leisure options for children and adults with disabilities.

Leisure pursuits such as swimming, hiking, golfing, walking, cycling or even simple card games help to relieve stress, socialise with others and learn valuable skills. Leisure pursuits also help with reducing the effects of isolation, depression and physical and mental ill health.


A few of our swimming pools have a pool hoists to ensure those with disabilities can enjoy the our pools, these are: