You will need to book two appointments, the first to complete the garage test and the second to attend and collect your plates.

How to apply

  • First book a garage appointment by calling 01484 221000 and when prompted ask for Transport, select the option to book a taxi test
  • The taxi test should be booked no earlier than 4 weeks before the vehicle licence expiry date
  • The vehicle should not be over 10 years old unless it is wheelchair accessible or an ultra low emission vehicle and meets the criteria set out below
  • The taxi test is £48.00 payable to the garage on the day and is strictly non-refundable. Please note there will be an additional charge of £10.00 for a Saturday appointment
  • The renewal fee is £131.24 or £140.19 for a London cab
  • Complete the renewal application form
  • Make an appointment with licensing (for a date after the taxi test) call 01484 456868
  • Bring the following to your appointment
  • Insurance documents or cover note (original copy)
  • Vehicle registration document (original copy)
  • Please note both the vehicle registration document and the insurance policy holder must be the same as the applicant of the licence

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes

Download form

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you licence an ultra-low emission vehicle (vehicle that emits 75g/km CO2 or less), or a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it may be eligible to be licenced up 12 years old, subject to the agreement of the Licensing Group Leader. The Licensing and Safety Committee agreed the following:

The aforementioned upper age extension for ultra-low emission and wheelchair accessible vehicles was not automatic and each case would be dealt with on its own individual merits, taking in to consideration, but not limited to, the following:

  • Submission of a formal application (including fee);
  • If extension was granted, the vehicle would be subject to two compliance tests per licence year;
  • The vehicle had to have a full service history;
  • Receipts of work/repairs undertaken on the vehicle;
  • The vehicle/drivers history with the Licensing Service, including:
  1. If the vehicle had failed any previous compliance test;
  2. Complaints about the condition of the vehicle;
  3. Complaints about the proprietor/driver of the vehicle; or
  4. Any other matters considered material to the application.

Contact Licensing

  • Kirklees Licensing Service
  • Address Huddersfield Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre 3, Market Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2EY
  • Phone 01484 456868
  • Email