Diversity champion of the year

Recognising someone who has campaigned to highlight diversity or is contributing to developing a culture change.

Maysoon Shafiq - Al Mu'minum the Believers

Maysoon Shafiq from Al Mu'minum the Believers has been nominated for her work in breaking down cultural barriers and bringing the community together. In 2018, Maysoon organised a 'Visit my Mosque' event in Huddersfield, where non-Muslim residents had the opportunity to ask questions about the faith in an open and friendly environment. Maysoon is always involved in projects that celebrate our differences and is committed to creating an inclusive society.

Maysoon Shafiq

Rachel McElroy - Solutionize Global

Rachel McElroy from Solutionize Global is inspiring change in the tech-industry. Rachel is an advocate of more women working in tech, which she says will fill the skills gap currently troubling the industry. With her insightful articles, papers, podcasts and much more, Rachel is paving the way for decision-makers to get women into tech and give them the support they need.

Rachel McElroy

Madiha Ansari - The Cultural Ecology Project

Madiha Ansari established the Cultural Ecology Project to promote dialogue between different faiths. Encouraging young people to share their heritage with others, allowing them to access to different cultures and traditions. Madiha creates a warm environment for young people to explore the arts, technology, enterprise and innovation, giving them the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and engaging environment.

Madiha Ansari

Sarah Mitchell - Kirklees Council

Sarah Mitchell from Kirklees Council supports refugees in the area to resettle and make the most of their new life in Kirklees. Sarah works tirelessly to integrate refugees into the community, helping them to access work and education. Sarah works in the public and voluntary sectors to provide invaluable support and guidance, both to the refugee community and to the groups that are supporting them.


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