Best diversity initiative nominees

A project, campaign or policy that has proved to be an outstanding initiative to promote diversity and inclusion - one that makes a positive difference in other people's lives.

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The organisation works on creative projects to unify people. Workshops are open to everybody and encourage people from different backgrounds to work together. The project also looks to raise awareness of the persecuted minorities in today's society, their circumstance and the ways we can help them to build stable lives.

6 Million

'Windrush: The Years' after. A Community Legacy on Film' - Kirklees Local TV

In 2018 with the help of numerous volunteers, Kirklees Local TV created 'Windrush: The Years After, a Community Legacy on Film'. The film pays tribute to members of the African Caribbean descent community that migrated to Kirklees between 1948 and 1971. With the help of numerous volunteers and National Lottery Heritage funding, Kirklees Local TV has delivered a 70 minute documentary, digital archive, teaching materials and other resources to educate and inspire communities in and beyond Kirklees.

Windrush members

'Terriers Together' Initiative - Huddersfield Town Football Club

The 'Terriers Together' initiative was established to demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. 'Terriers Together' reflects the many ways in which Huddersfield Town Football Club holds diversity and inclusion at the heart of the organisation. For example, their wristband scheme, which enables individuals with a disability or additional needs to discretely alert match day stewards that they may need assistance.

Huddersfield Town Terriers Together

'Yorkshire Entertainment Awards' - Yorkshire Entertainment

Yorkshire Entertainment has created a space where individuals from all backgrounds can showcase their talents in the creative sector. This initiative allows young people to build their creative skills and propel their career, without having to leave their local communities. By engaging with the young people in Kirklees, Yorkshire Entertainment are creating equal opportunities for all and are bringing Yorkshire communities together.

Yorkshire Entertainment

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