New Street Progress

New Street (northern area) and Cloth Hall Street

Our exciting plans to rejuvenate New Street and Cloth Hall Street will provide attractive spaces with more opportunities for people to eat and socialise outdoors, as well as a flexible space for pop-up events in the heart of Huddersfield Town's shopping area.

Creating a clean, attractive environment will increase footfall and encourage people to spend time in the area, which in turn will promote business growth and investment.

Following consultation at the end of 2019 we are progressing with these plans to alter New Street from the junction with Ramsden Street to the junction with Market Place, and the length of Cloth Hall Street, as part of the Huddersfield Blueprint.


Green areas and planting

This area of New Street will become a ‘garden street’ with social, green areas and planting, complete with integrated seating and artwork. This attractive, green space supports a café culture, with more options for people to eat and socialise outdoors.

As well as raised planting areas and trees, we're introducing vertical planters that allow plants to grow up and over the top to create tree-like structures. These innovative, space-saving planters can be used in areas where cellars or underground equipment prevent the planting of trees and they require less ongoing maintenance.

Green spaces like these in the town centres help us in our commitment to tackle climate change as they can improve air quality and biodiversity, as well as boosting personal wellbeing.

Lighting and CCTV

Lighting can help a space to feel more vibrant and welcoming and along with improved CCTV, can help to reduce anti-social activity.

As part of the upgrade we are not only renewing the street lighting columns but will be looking at how lighting can be used to accent seating and the vertical planters. The introduction of colourful lighting would give more options to support future outdoor events and activities on the street.


To compliment the design, all road and pavement surfaces will be refreshed and have integrated services installed that will also help to improve the kerb appeal for existing businesses and encourage new businesses to the area.

New paving has been designed to provide maximum accessibility for everyone, including those with visual impairments or dementia.

The paving will be Yorkstone, a selection of ethically sourced European granite and some granite-topped concrete based units. These high quality materials increase longevity, reduce maintenance costs and give a consistent feel to the paving throughout the town centre.

Street furniture eg. posts, seating

Street furniture like posts, seating and bollards will be reduced or refreshed to minimise obstructions to pedestrians. As well as providing more space to travel along the street, this flexible space allows us to introduce pop-up markets or outdoor events.

Seating areas are incorporated into the design. While there are currently only six fixed benches on the section of New Street from Ramsden Street to Cloth Hall Street, the new design features seating all along the central corridor of the street.

Other furniture such as bollards will be removed or replaced with stainless steel to be consistent with the new style of litter bins for the town centre.

The umbrella

The umbrella is a conceptual piece of artwork to help create a fun, playful environment that will attract families to the town centre.

Cafe space

A central strip down New Street has been allocated for tables and chairs for on-street cafe areas. This allows customers to continue to access shops and move around obstacle free.

Next Steps

Our online events are now over, but you can watch here: Kirklees Public Consultation - New Street and Cloth Hall Street

We expect to start building work in May 2021 and we estimate it will take around 12 months to complete. To maintain access to shops for customers and deliveries we're planning on working on short sections of the street at a time. We will keep local businesses informed of works as appropriate.

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