The Healthy Choice Award (HCA) Scheme ceased on the 31st March 2018. Therefore if you have previously held the award, we ask that you stop displaying the certificate and any associated merchandise on your premises and dispose of them accordingly. In addition, if you use the HCA logo for any promotional purposes (e.g. on websites and/or letterheads) could you please remove them as soon as possible.

In the 13 years since the HCA scheme was rebranded and relaunched many Kirklees food businesses engaged with it and endeavoured to offer their customers healthier menu options. We would encourage you to continue this journey and we would like to thank you for your continued support of the scheme over those years.

Improving the food you provide

If you are keen to improve the food provision within your business there are 2 offers available (depending on your setting):

Food Business Masterclass

It is a comprehensive interactive session (two and a half hours) that aims to guide, encourage and inspire Kirklees independent food businesses into reviewing current practice and to continually make improvements to the menu offer. It is more of a collaborative and consultative approach rather than an assessment against set criteria. Research suggests that one in six meals is now taken outside the home therefore small independent food businesses (as well as major chains) can all play a part in improving food and menu offers and in turn impact the diets of local residents in the longer term. For further details and session times/dates then please contact the Kirklees FINE project detailed below.

Nutrition Training

If you are an older peoples residential/nursing home or an under 5's setting the 'Food Business Masterclass' will not be suitable. However, if you haven't already attended our FREE in house nutrition literacty workshops 'Maximising good nutrition and hydration for older people' or 'Good nutrition for under 5's' and are interested then please contact us. We can offer a free (terms and conditions apply) bespoke session at your premises for up to 12 staff. For further details please contact the FINE project - details below.

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