Business advice during COVID-19

Extra restrictions are in place in pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues

All pubs, bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues must close by 10pm

  • They are legally required to take customers' contact details.
  • They are restricted by law to table service only.
  • Table bookings of more than six are not allowed.
  • Table bookings of more than one household or social bubble are not allowed indoors.
  • They can be fined if they take reservations of more than six, do not enforce social distancing or do not take customers' contact details.
  • They can sell food to takeaway after 10pm by delivery service, click-and-collect or drive-thru.


  • Facemasks must be worn by all staff.

Work from home if you can

Office workers who can work from home should do so - if you can't then continue to go to work.


  • Businesses will be fined up to £10k if they don't follow legal COVID guidance.
  • £200 if a business accepts a table booking for more than 6 people.

If you have any concerns or want to report premises to the council please contact:

Signs and stickers for businesses to use

We've prepared these for you to download, to print off or send to a supplier for production.

Floor stickers

Advice and guidance

Working safely

Working safely during Coronavirus

The best way you can support your business is to make sure you follow the latest government advice on social distancing and hygiene, by putting in place measures to protect both staff and customers you can reduce the risk of a local outbreak. Remember that where possible you should put in place measures to keep everyone 2m apart, and provide hand washing or sanitisation facilities, regular cleaning and good signage are also important.

Businesses who are not following social distancing rules may be breaking Health and Safety Law.

Companies that need advice on how to follow the guidelines so they can keep their workforce safe should contact the relevant authority who will be happy to help.

As a last resort, where businesses cannot or will not follow guidance the relevant authority has the power to use Health and Safety Law to require improvement, close premises or restrict areas of work and ultimately prosecute for failure to comply.

Advice about social distancing in workplaces

Businesses which the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for

Workplaces in the manufacturing, educational, construction and agriculture sectors

These businesses should Contact the Health and Safety Executive

Businesses which Kirklees Council are responsible for

The council responsible for all other premises and workplaces, including:

  • retail
  • wholesale
  • warehousing and distribution
  • catering premises
  • offices
  • consumer services (for instance beauty, hairdressers, tattooing)
  • leisure and cultural premises
  • religious premises
  • residential care
  • hotels/short stay accommodation (for instance campsites)

All other businesses should contact:

Closing businesses

Closing certain businesses and venues in England

We recommend you read the guidance before making a report about a premises or opening your business.

Kirklees Council and the police have powers to enforce the closure regulations and will be working together to do this. The police and the council can and will:

  • Offer information and guidance for those who approach us before we visit.
  • Issue Prohibition Notices for premises found to be opening when we visit.
  • Issue Fixed Penalty Notices of up to £960 for repeat offenders.
  • Prosecute in appropriate cases with an unlimited fine from the courts available.
Legionella advice

Legionella advice for businesses during and after lockdown

It is important whilst businesses are shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic that you control the risk of Legionella growth in your water systems.

Noise in outside areas

If you want to make more use of external spaces around your premises (due to internal restrictions) please consider creating a noise management plan, this should include:

  • The days and hours external areas are expected to be used (this is particularly important where residents are close by).
  • Any areas likely to be used by your patrons but not in your control/ownership (e.g. adjacent park/greenspace)
  • Any plans for external recorded music (if permitted) and how this will be controlled/monitored to ensure that is does not cause a nuisance to nearby residents.
  • Plans to monitor/address noise from music/patrons, e.g. patrols (including frequency of these) as well as how noisy patrons will be addressed.

If you want any further advice, or want to discuss your noise management plans, please call the Pollution and Noise Control Team: 01484 414739.

Licensing advice

If you are looking to set up tables and chairs on the pavement or other area outside your business you may need a licence.

If you are licensed premises, you should also contact licensing to see if there are any restrictions on your licence that may prevent you from using outdoor areas or playing music etc.

Please contact the Licensing Team:

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