Business advice during COVID-19 recovery

Kirklees Council is committed to recovery and bringing back an even stronger economy following the coronavirus lockdown. As businesses, your role is crucial in the future success of our towns, and the whole of Kirklees.

During the lockdown, we supported over 6500 businesses to access Government financial support packages, and are now administering the Local Authority Discretionary Grant Fund to help small businesses with ongoing fixed property-related costs.

We also spoke to 100s of businesses about how they could safely operate takeaway services or continue to manufacture or sell essential goods through social distancing and hygiene practices.

You can find information on all the latest national and local support for businesses during the pandemic on Coronavirus: Help for businesses and self-employed.

Social distancing support

To prepare for the increase in footfall we are also putting place signage and markings to help with queuing and social distancing on our footpaths and precincts in Huddersfield and Dewsbury. The council will be monitoring the situation as shoppers return to each town centre in order to provide the right level of support to make sure everyone is kept safe.

We've prepared the following materials for you to download, to print off or send to a supplier for production:


Floor stickers

Current health advice for all businesses

The best way you can support your business is to make sure you follow the latest government advice on social distancing and hygiene, by putting in place measures to protect both staff and customers you can reduce the risk of a local outbreak. Remember that where possible you should put in place measures to keep everyone 2m apart, and provide hand washing or sanitisation facilities, regular cleaning and good signage are also important.

GOV UK: Working safely during Coronavirus


One of the most important concerns at times like these is Legionella. It is important that any businesses that has been shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic control the risk of Legionella growth in their water systems. Advice on flushing regimes and risk controls for empty buildings.

Advice for food and drink businesses

If you run a food business and are thinking about opening up after being closed down during lockdown, you should contact the council's food safety team for advice:

Food Standards Agency: Reopening checklist for food businesses during COVID-19

Pubs that serve food should follow the advice above. They should also remember the following advice:

  • If you use an autovac beer system you must operate a fresh glass policy (irrespective of COVID 19) and never refill a glass.
  • You must ensure that all staff regularly wash their hands for 20 seconds, in line with Government advice. Ensure that you have a wash basin that is easily accessible which has hot and cold water, soap and hygienic hand drying facilities. We would recommend that you use disposable paper towels (rather than cloth towels) for hand drying generally and especially at the current time.
  • Any casks that were opened before the requirement to close, should be disconnected from the distributions system. All lines should be cleaned and disinfected using appropriate cleaning products. Follow the manufacturer's instructions in relation to the dilution of the products and health and safety precautions.
  • You should ensure that you dispose of any spoiled beer etc. in a lawful way, you may not be able to pour it down the drain and you should contact Yorkshire Water before doing so, their number is 0345 1241 2424. Guidance on the disposal of spoiled beer

Specific information for pubs and bars

Noise issues for businesses using external areas/beer gardens for social distancing

If you want to make more use of external spaces around your premises (due to internal restrictions) please consider creating a noise management plan, this should include:

  • The days and hours external areas are expected to be used (this is particularly important where residents are close by).
  • Any areas likely to be used by your patrons but not in your control/ownership (e.g. adjacent park/greenspace)
  • Any plans for external recorded music (if permitted) and how this will be controlled/monitored to ensure that is does not cause a nuisance to nearby residents.
  • Plans to monitor/address noise from music/patrons, e.g. patrols (including frequency of these) as well as how noisy patrons will be addressed.

Should you require any further advice at this time, or wish to discuss your noise management plans, please call the Pollution and Noise Control Team on: 01484 414739.

Licensing advice for businesses

If you are looking to set up tables and chairs on the pavement or other area outside your business you may need a licence.

If you are licensed premises, you should also contact licensing to see if there are any restrictions on your licence that may prevent you from using outdoor areas or playing music etc.

Please contact the Licensing Team on:

Changes to roads in our town centres

During the first phase of recovery, to help make sure we can keep everyone safe, and make it easier to travel on foot or by bike in our town centre we have put in place some temporary road changes.

From the 15 June in Huddersfield the following will apply:

  • Market Place - closed to all traffic except cycles between 10am and 4pm (deliveries to be made before 10am and after 4pm)
  • John William Street - no parking (taxis and disabled parking only) road narrowed to a single lane carriageway
  • Cloth Hall Street - no parking (loading and blue badge parking only), loading and blue badge parking can be accessed using Chancery Lane (off Westgate)
  • Church Street - closed to all traffic except cycles between 10am and 4pm (deliveries to be made before 10am and after 4pm)
  • Wood Street - closed to all traffic except cycles between 10am and 4pm (deliveries to be made before 10am and after 4pm)
  • Byram Street - closed to all traffic except cycles between 10am and 4pm (deliveries to be made before 10am and after 4pm. Disabled parking available at all times.

From 29 June in Huddersfield the following will apply:

  • Market Street - bus stop outside Sainsbury's relocated to outside Farm Foods to allow extra space for social distancing. The blue badge parking outside Farm Foods will be moved to the other side of the road and will replace the general pay and display parking.
  • Westgate - road space reallocated to allow for active travel.

From 29 June in Dewsbury the following will apply:

  • Longcauseway - (Dewsbury Ring Road and Town Hall) - closed to all traffic except buses between 10am and 4pm (loading and deliveries can take place outside these times). Follow signed diversion routes.
  • Crackenedge Lane - (Corporation Street to Old Wakefield Road) - two way traffic reinstated, no parking to the eastern side by fish and chip shop, reduced loading bay outside Wilko's and "priority give way" outside Barclay's Bank.
  • 25 - 33 Westgate - Parking in the layby suspended and pavement widened to help people queue and pass.

A map showing Dewsbury town traffic management

Where possible we have tried to accommodate access to Blue Badge parking spaces and you can see how to access these on our website.

The temporary closures will be regularly reviewed in response to feedback and tweaked as appropriate.

If you have any questions about these changes, you can email:

In the longer term the council is also working with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority on plans to improve active travel in Kirklees; you can share your thoughts on which roads you think we should improve on the Safe streets for walking and cycling - interactive map .

Traffic queue management

We know that after a long period without access to shops, cafes, restaurants and bars demand will be significant, this is fantastic news for both businesses and the economy. However, it is incredibly important that we limit the impact of extra vehicles queueing on the road network. This can lead to safety risks for others using the roads including pedestrians and cyclists, and lead to potential for emergency services and people trying to deliver goods.

When you begin planning to reopen we would appreciate it if you take some responsibility for the management of people using your business, this includes managing traffic queuing on roads.

Please think about what affect queuing traffic might have on roads, and what measures might be needed to minimise delays, disruption and safety risks.

If you think there will be an impact on the roads around your business, we would encourage you to put in place a traffic management plan. If you are unsure how to do this, you could consider contacting a traffic management company for advice. If a traffic management plan is required, you can then discuss it with highways.

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