Age Smart Kirklees is a simple and free online tool designed to support people to understand how they are ageing; through a series of questions aimed at identifying difficulties with daily living, such as climbing stairs, Age Smart Kirklees supports people to find solutions and improve independence at home.

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Features of Age Smart Kirklees

With Age Smart Kirklees, you can create goals to manage your ageing at a rate that suits you. Choose from a range of web apps to build your personal ageing goals, from different areas of the home to the LifeCurve.

Build a healthy ageing plan with the LifeCurve

Use the LifeCurve to find out how well you are managing with your daily activities and how you can keep on living independently.

Resolve your everyday needs with a Self-Assessment

Answer some questions about your daily tasks and activities to get the right advice and personalised solutions.

Mobile and tablet compatible - access Age Smart Kirklees from anywhere

Age Smart Kirklees is designed to work on a wide range of different devices, from smartphones to desktops to tablets. Age Smart Kirklees works best on the latest browsers.

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